Gears of War Might Be The Video Game Movie Dwayne Johnson is Doing

Gears of War Might Be The Video Game Movie Dwayne Johnson is Doing

Gears of War Might Be The Video Game Movie Dwayne Johnson is Doing

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is finally doing a video game movie. How many people think it’s for Gears of War? It’s a dozen possibilities, given the popular video game characters he’d be suited for. However, according to Dwayne Johnson himself, the video game he’s adapting is one of the biggest and baddest games ever. On top of that, it is one that hasn’t been made into a movie yet. That means no second attempts at previously failed video game adaptations. Assassin’s Creed come to mind? Anyway, Dwayne Johnson seems to be very excited for this upcoming video game movie, but we shouldn’t be surprised that he’s doing this. He has to be the busiest star in Hollywood today and honestly, I’m amazed it has taken him this long to be in a video game movie. It looks like that time is now, but what video game is he adapting? It is time to speculate. Fans are quickly assuming that he’ll be playing Marcus Fenix, the main protagonist from the Gears of War series. But hold on, wouldn’t Dave Bautista be a better choice? Probably, but it’s too hard to deny Dwayne Johnson this kind of role. Marcus Fenix is one of the manliest of manly video game heroes and he needs one of the biggest Hollywood stars to play him. If it can’t be Dave Bautista, then it has to be The Rock.

Okay, so before I talk anymore about this man making a movie about Gears of War, why don’t we talk about other video game adaptations? We just need to emphasis on what Dwayne Johnson said about this adaptation being for the biggest, baddest video game ever. That’s a bold claim and of course, video game fans all over will be prepared to disagree on which game fits that title. So if you’re an Xbox fan, you’ll probably say that Gears of War fits the bill. Then again, you might say that it’s actually Halo? It could be either one, given the popularity of both games, but I’m still leaning towards Gears of War. Other video game nuts all over have made other predictions that could fit Dwayne Johnson’s stardom power. Would Fortnite be a suitable choice? If you ask me, that series doesn’t fit on the same level as Gears of War. However, the advantage of making a Fortnite movie is that it doesn’t have a big narrative to work with. That means the director can use the base of Fortnite and make whatever story he wants. I’m not really into Fortnite, but I have seen gameplay and I know what it’s all about. Basically, it’s just a game about everyone getting online and shooting each other.

That makes for a wild action movie that doesn’t need a strong narrative. We just need to see The Rock gear up and shoot a bunch of people and we’ll be good to go. But wait, he’s doing that already in the Hobbs and Shaw movie, so why not give him something a little outside the box? Are you still convinced he’s doing Gears of War? I’m still buying that, but what are some other possibilities? What’s another big and bad popular game the fans gather in flocks to play? I would say Call of Duty is up there, given the amount of gamers who jump online to play it. Those games have a good narrative to follow, but not too many gamers play it for the narrative. What they love is the online multiplayer. I personally like playing the campaign mode more, unless I’m playing Nazi Zombie with the boys. But I must say, Call of Duty’s narrative often gets overlooked. That’s something Dwayne Johnson can use to his advantage if he is making a Call of Duty movie.

But do you know what Gears of War has that Call of Duty doesn’t? Slicing aliens in half using a chainsaw attached to your machine gun. You know, that and Marcus Fenix. Unless Dwayne Johnson is playing an original character, I don’t see him playing any particular character from the Call of Duty series. I stand by my theory and say that he embodies the imposing appearance of Marcus Fenix. And come on, the guy has already fought a giant wolf with wings and a lizard in Rampage. A big albino gorilla was his best friend, for heaven’s sake. It would be a step down for him to go from that, to fighting Russian ultranationalist. Let’s give him something bigger like the Locusts. Who else still doesn’t think he’s doing Gears of War? Why don’t we assume for a minute that he’s not playing the hero in his video game movie? That’s a stretch, since he almost always plays the hero, but maybe he wants to spice things up a bit by playing a villain? If that’s the case, then there’s only one video game that suits him. And no, I’m not talking about a villain from Gears of War. The one I have in mind is the one and only Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat.

This is something I have argued for back when the Mortal Kombat movie came out last year. We now know that a sequel is in development and the only way it can be better than the first one is by including Shao Kahn. And if you’re going to have Shao Kahn as the villain, then you need a powerhouse actor like Dwayne Johnson to play him. A villain like this is perfect for him to flex his physicality and smash some heads in. If he can’t saw aliens in half, then he’ll deliver some brutal fatalities with that magical warhammer. It’s either that or seeing him mow down the Locust aliens in a Gears of War movie. What are your thoughts, video game fans? I’m still pulling for him playing Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War movie. What other video game characters do you think he’d be best suited for?Dave Bautista

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