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Laura Pradelska
Character: Quaithe
Character Details: Quaithe is a relatively minor character in Daenerys’ storyline for the second season. When Daenerys takes refuge in an abandoned city, she sends out members of her khalasar to explore the surrounding area. One of her bloodriders, Jhogo, returns with representatives from the city of Qarth, including Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Quaithe, a priestess. Quaithe delivers to Daenerys a prophecy that will guide Daenerys’ quest from that point forward.
What You’ve Seen Her in Before: To be honest, probably nothing. Pradelska is a stage actress, and has almost nonexistent film credits (she’s been in one short film, Ashes). Pradelska has plenty of stage credits to her name, though; the actress has appeared in twenty-one stage productions since 2008.
Described as “husky-voiced,” Pradelska is a German-American actress who currently lives in London. She speaks three languages (English, French, and German), and can do a wide variety of dialects and accents. She seems to be overly qualified for the minor role of Quaithe.
Forbes KB
Character: Lorren
Character Details: Lorren, also known as Black Lorren, comes from the Iron Islands (the homeland of Theon Greyjoy and his sister Yara). One of the fiercest of the Ironborn fighters, Lorren meets Theon after the latter returns to the Iron Islands as an envoy for King Robb. He’ll play a part throughout season 2 in the exploits of Theon.
What You’ve Seen Him in Before: The Scottish KB has been increasingly prolific over the past several years, nabbing bit roles in films such as Alfonso Cuaron’s fantastic Children of Men and the less fantastic National Treasure: Book of Secrets. His television credits include guest roles in the British cop drama Ashes to Ashes and several uncredited roles in the series Rebus.
More recently, KB appeared in the film Gulliver’s Travels, alongside fellow Thrones newcomer Gemma Whelan, and the film Harry Brown, which also featured Liam Cunningham, another new face for the series.
Patrick Malahide
Character: Balon Greyjoy
Character Details: The stern father of Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) and Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan), Balon is the lord of the Iron Islands. Theon is sent to his father as an emissary on the behalf of the new King Robb early on in the season. Considering that he’s been a prisoner of the Starks for most of his adolescence, Theon doesn’t realize that there’s a lot of bad blood between House Greyjoy and House Stark, making the sell tougher than he expected.
What You’ve Seen Him in Before: Malahide has been acting since the ’70s, and has appeared in classic shows like The Singing Detective and Middlemarch. More recently, he’s had a recurring role on Law & Order: UK and appeared in a bit role in theSamuel L. Jackson episode of the HBO series Extras. In 2008, Malahide appeared in the film remake of Brideshead Revisited.
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