Five Things You Didn’t Know about Maika Monroe

Maika Monroe was born Dillon Monroe Buckley but decided to go by the name Maika since she’d been known by this for much of her life by the time she changed it. She almost seems like a reluctant actress since she has other ambitions, but she’s put forth solid performances in movies like It Follows and Independence Day: Resurgence. Her acting career hasn’t been as extensive as others but it’s still fairly impressive since she’s currently in two films that are in post-production.

There’s almost an aloof feeling to her when it comes to acting, as though she’d rather be somewhere else, and that’s kind of cool.

5. She’s into horror films.

It’s a good thing since she’s been in a couple, but her own personal favorites are The Shining, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street. At least you can give her this much, she likes the classics and isn’t too afraid to admit it. Perhaps the horror genre was what prompted her to accept the roles she took in The Guest and It Follows.

4. Her first paying gig was a Pizza Hut commercial.

She’s come a long way from the commercials and has proven that she has what it takes to get up onscreen and make her way forward. A lot of actors have started out in commercials and a lot have also gone back to them occasionally in order to either supplement their income, get their face out there a little more, or just for something to do it seems. Maika might go back eventually.

3. She’s a professional kiteboarder.

Kiteboarding is pretty much what it sounds like. A boarder holds onto a power kite and uses the wind that they’re afforded to go skating across the waves with as much control and precision as they can. Maika’s father was a kiteboarder and she decided to take after her dad and is still doing it to this day. She’s become a professional after years of practice and is able to ply her way across the water with the greatest of ease.

2. She doesn’t like to consider herself a scream queen.

Thanks to her role in the horror films she’s starred in a lot of people have started thinking of her as a scream queen, but she hasn’t really expressed any love for the label since it’s not something she truly aspires to be. Scream queens are fine and all but if you look at those that have been called this throughout history their reputation as a scream queen has really bound up their career at times and made it seem as though they’re unable to do anything else. Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell could possibly attest to that, as their own reputations made them out to be horror-bound actresses that were defined by their iconic roles in horror movies.

1. She has a phobia about knives. 

Aichmophobia is the closest thing that can be described to what she might feel. It’s the morbid fear of anything sharp or possessing an edge, which would include knives. Whether she’s afraid of sharp objects or not this generally what it’s called.

She sounds like a very down to earth woman.

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