Five Incredibly Funny Lip Moments from Shameless

Five Incredibly Funny Lip Moments from Shameless

Have you ever heard of the television show called Shameless? If you get Showtime, you probably watch it. It’s turned out to be a very popular comedy that’s on the network and is now entering its ninth season. Headed up by veterans William H Macy and Emmy Rossum, it’s a comedy that makes fun out of the very type of lifestyle that so many people are familiar with, either because they grew up with it themselves or their neighbors are living that way and they’ve seen it first-hand. In short, it’s all about being completely dysfunctional because of alcohol abuse and forcing kids to find a way to essentially raise themselves.

Of course, this is an intensely serious subject. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is an article designed to make fun of people that are in those types of situations. That being said, the show itself does find a way to produce humor out of a situation where there is otherwise very little to laugh about. If you haven’t seen it and you’re in doubt that anything about this particular subject matter could possibly be funny, you might want to take a look at some of the clips below. These are five of the funniest moments from the show, all of them involving the best quips from Lip Gallagher, played by Jeremy Allen White. There are YouTube links to each one, so if you want to see it for yourself, feel free to do exactly that.

1. It’s $50 or Bust

This is one of the funniest scenes of the entire show. Lip has written an essay for his friend, who just happens to be of Korean descent. Apparently, this is not something that’s new, as he mentions having written a number of papers for this individual in the past. It also seems that every time he writes one, they agree on the price of $50. That doesn’t stop his friend from trying to pay him only $35, each and every time. The rest of the dialogue becomes even funnier, provided you don’t get offended easily. Just watch the clip to find out why.

2. Where Exactly is Iraqistan

This is sort of a long clip, but it’s worth it if you can just hang on and follow it through until the end. Lip is talking about quite few things here, and at times, he’s so emotional that he’s just babbling and you’re not entirely sure what he’s talking about. The thing that really stands out here is that he starts talking about the Army and Iraqistan. That’s not a typo, so you might end up scratching your head and wondering just exactly where this place is located.

3. College Interviews Aced

Here, Lip has to do an interview in order to get into college. He’s not exactly being truthful about things, but when you consider the type of life he’s forced to live, it only makes sense that he would start making stuff up. In short, he turns in an amazing performance as the person he might wish he was, discussing the life he probably wishes he had, and he does a convincing job of it. It’s knowing what his life is really like that makes all of his exaggerations so comical.

4. I Don’t Know You, but You Spelled your Own Name Wrong

In this clip, you find Lip telling someone that he doesn’t know her. It all starts out seriously enough, as he finds out that the girl he has been seeing was cheating on him all along. That’s probably what he’s actually referring to when he says he doesn’t know her, but things start to get funny when he tells her immediately thereafter that she can’t even spell her own name right. This is one you have to see in order to believe, so go ahead, pop some popcorn, get comfortable, and prepare to laugh.

5. Lip Being Serious

In this clip, Lip is probably the most serious he has ever been. He’s discussing all of the problems within the family, as well as his desire to mend the broken family. Some portions of his diatribe are funny and some will bring a tear to your eye. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake not to include this clip here, as it shows you a great deal about the character as a whole.

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