Our Five Favorite Sneezing Scenes in the History of Movies

Our Five Favorite Sneezing Scenes in the History of Movies

In a movie sneezing scenes can be comical or just kind of awkward, or even just flat out gross. But the reason some of them are so funny is that they tend to come out of nowhere if the actor is doing them right. Think about the dynamics of a sneeze and you’ll understand. Something tickles the inside of your nose, the irritation or sensation grows stronger, and the next thing you know your body is forcing a reaction that seems to come out of left field and take you by surprise. The sneeze is usually something rather explosive but some people tend to keep it in to avoid slobbering all over the place.

Others just let it fly.

5. Angry Birds

This is a clear case of a person’s mucous membranes working overtime, ALL the time. This bird’s got enough slime coming out of his nose to fill a mason jar the size of a kiddie pool every few days it seems, and his sneezes are about as explosive as an industrial-strength power washer. This is kind of bird you really don’t want to see fly since you could be certain that he’d be dropping streamers of gunk behind him everywhere he went. Yeah, gross.

4. Major Payne

It was bad enough the kid decided to try and poke fun at Major Payne, but then he seemed to get so intimidated that he couldn’t help but sneeze. Of course when someone’s just discharged their firearm into the air in order to get a bunch of kids to pay attention it kind of seizes a person up in that moment. I don’t know hat that has to do with a person’s nasal passages but it seems to have affected this kid.

3. The Neverending Story

Here’s a word of advice, when the creature you’re talking to has nasal passages that you could crawl into like a tunnel it’s safe to assume that when they sneeze they’re going to be coming out at hurricane force. Atreyu was muddy already so getting knocked back into the mud wasn’t a big deal. But for a creature that exists in the muck the tortoise sure didn’t snock out a large amount of gunk and glop.

2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

One of the most epic sneezers in all of cinematic history is Sneezy. This guy can sneeze so loud and so hard that he sends things and people flying when it comes out. Plus, just about anything makes this guy sneeze. He could have hayfever, allergies, or just feel a tickle in his nose at any given moment and be ready to blow in the next instant. If only there was a way to weaponize that quality.

1. Dogma

In this movie you get the feeling that Loki is so bored that he’s just looking for a reason to smite someone. It wouldn’t matter if it’s the most heinous crime in the world or someone forgetting to say “God bless you” after you sneeze. Anything that seems like a sin even in passing and he’s in.

At least cover your mouth when you sneeze.

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