Five Actors Who Should Play Matt Lauer in a Lifetime Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Matt Lauer in a Lifetime Movie

Matt Lauer is yet another individual that was called out for sexual misconduct of some sort these past couple of years as women started coming out of the woodwork to make claims of past harassment and misconduct that essentially ruined quite a few careers. While a lot of this was justice that was overdue there have still been plenty of voices that have been raised in consternation about the timing of such accusations. It’s hard to really feel sorry for Lauer since anyone that was guilty of the actions they were accused of were long overdue when it came to feeling the effects of what their victims had gone through. It’s still difficult to say that the men who were responsible got what they deserved on all counts since some were maligned unfairly along with those that deserved it, but it’d be even more difficult to say that a movie will never be made on this matter since it seems like a foregone conclusion that might come true.

If that’s the case, then here are five actors that might be able to portray Lauer.

5. James Franco

You might be looking funny at this entry but honestly it seem as though James Franco could take on just about any role and people would think it was something great since he’s been the darling of the masses for a while now. If he could play a parody of Tommy Wiseau and get people on his side then it’s easy to think that he might be able to take on the part of Lauer and have people think it was something great. In a way that’s kind of irritating but it’s also kind of telling since he’s the kind of actor that people seem to forgive a lot when he makes a bad movie, but love it when he does something worthwhile.

4. Joel Edgerton

Joel is another individual that can really take on one role after another and meld so easily with the character he’s playing that he becomes almost hard to make out in the getup he’s wearing. Plus he’s a great actor that seems to be way underrated at times and is used as a utility character a lot of times. Even in Black Mass when he was playing the part of the FBI agent that was basically giving in to the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger he was hard to recognize all the time. This is a role that he might be qualified to play since it’s one that is easy enough to step into but might be kind of hard to follow through with.

3. Jason Statham

This would be a serious jog away from his current action star status since honestly Statham went to action movies and didn’t seem to go back all that often as if you can recall he was in movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels where he didn’t fight at all. But once he got ripped and got to show off his fighting skills he didn’t seem to turn his head around to see where he’d been in the past. This kind of a movie seems like it might make him slow down just a bit since it wouldn’t involve even a fraction of the action that we’ve grown used to seeing him use. If nothing else it would be interesting to see if he could do it.

2. Jude Law

Some people might actually feel that it would be a shame to see Jude Law as a bald man when in truth he’s still seen as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. But if you really dig into his past and take notice of his movies you’ll see that it wouldn’t be the first time that he’d been made to sport less than a full head of hair. In Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks he was a slimy worm of a hitman that looked sickly, was thin as a rail, and was balding. I know, hard to imagine right? But Jude has shown that, just like many other actors, he can take on a role when he needs to and make it work in a very impressive manner.

1. Stanley Tucci

This was without a doubt the first name that came to mind when seeing the picture since not only would Tucci manage to play the part in a physical manner but he has the acting chops that would make it work in a big way. His caliber of acting is such that he can become just about anyone and make it convincing since honestly he’s done it many, many times now. He can be a jerk, he can be a nice guy, and he can be something in between that shifts with the ebb and flow of the general mood within a given situation.

Tucci would likely be the first pick no matter what.

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