Five Actors Who Got Banned from Certain Countries

Five Actors Who Got Banned from Certain Countries

Five Actors Who Got Banned from Certain Countries

There are times when it’s better to remain silent or at least be diplomatic about what one says, and times when passions and beliefs run a little too high to allow for such things, but those moments are usually when people can do the most damage when it comes to public relations. Actors aren’t always known for keeping their opinions on the down-low and it shows sometimes since there have been plenty of controversies in the history of show business, and there have been times when entire countries have been declared as off-limits to one actor or another. That’s right, there are actors that have been banned from entire countries for something they said or did, since not every country wants to just forgive and forget in the spirit of having a celebrity walk upon their lands to promote this or that movie, product, or even just visit. Some actors have made it a point to stick to their guns while others have caved and apologized, but it’s a conditional type of thing that really depends on the situation.

Here are a few actors that have been banned from various countries.

5. Alec Baldwin is banned from the Philippines after joking about taking on a Filipino mail-order bride.

Some countries aren’t too forgiving when it comes to talking about their citizens no matter how good or bad their people are treated. When he was still single, Alec Baldwin decided to make a joke about obtaining a mail-order bride from the Philippines and the country didn’t take too kindly to this. Whether that ban has been lifted after all this time is uncertain, but there are times when what a person says should probably be passed off as a bunch of nonsense or simply seen as something that makes them look foolish rather than allow it to taint the image of an entire country. In any case, there are times when people should watch what they say and apologize if it’s necessary.

4. Robert Downey Jr. was asked to never return to Japan again after forgetting to mention his drug convictions.

It was actually because of drug AND weapons convictions, but the fact is that he neglected to reveal this part of his past, which at this time shouldn’t have really worked against him since he’d been turning over a new leaf at that time and doing much better than he previously had. This is proof that the past can really be used in a negative way against people, and it either needs to be resolved and put behind a person or it’s bound to keep hounding them as the years roll on. The fact that this would play any part in the present day is kind of hard to fathom since one would think that the lack of any criminal activity on his part at this time would speak well of RDJ.

3. Richard Gere was banned from China after criticizing their government.

One thing a person probably shouldn’t be doing, even if we have the freedom to do it, is to poke the bear, as the saying goes. It’s a freedom we have as Americans to criticize anyone, anytime we think about it, but the consequences are still bound to happen no matter how free we are. The fact that China has been shady in the past and has done several things that have made many people stand up and take note and even stand against them. But the fact that Richard Gere had to do this during an awards show was very unwise since it not only made him a target for such a ban, but it cost him a great deal of work as well.

2. Harrison Ford was banned from China for advocating for Tibet.

Many celebrities have stood up in the defense of Tibet and while it’s cost some of them quite a bit, others have managed to go on with their lives as they’re big enough box office draws that they won’t be feeling the pinch in the same manner. Harrison has been an advocate for Tibet due to the many issues between Tibet and China that have been ongoing for quite a while and he’s been banned from China for his efforts. If that bothers him then he certainly doesn’t show it since he continues to be an advocate to this day. For those seeking to support him and others in this decision, it’s wise to read up and learn more about the issue before diving in.

1. Brad Pitt was banned from China after acting in ‘Seven Years in Tibet’.

Pitt was actually allowed back into China as of 2016, but he was banned after starring in the movie mentioned above largely because it’s been stated that the movie completely skewed the story and made everyone in it look completely different than they were in real life. This is why revisionist history is such a pain in the backside, as it tends to anger a lot of people and even pushes them to the type of anger that can be more than a little toxic.

No matter who’s in the wrong, it’s not wise to upset an entire country.

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