Firefly Rumors Are Abound Again: FOX Gives Its Conditions

Firefly Rumors Are Abound Again: FOX Gives Its Conditions

It sounds as though the one condition that Fox is looking for in the attempt to revive Firefly is that there isn’t another space-faring adventure on the screen at the time since it doesn’t sound as though Fox would be too keen on making people choose between them. That sounds like a rather odd condition but maybe there’s something in there between the lines that has yet to be read since Michael Briers of We Got This Covered and many others tend to sound a little too excited about the possibility to really slow down and get to the main point without a great deal of embellishment as to why the show should come back and how much they tend to miss it. Having missed out on the Firefly phenomena but also having seen the movie Serenity it’s easy to agree that it’s a compelling story and one that might be better served as a series, but as it’s already been heard from Fox boss Michael Thorn:

“The macro answer is, any time we look at one of our classic titles, if there’s a way to reinvent it for today so it’s as resonant now as the original was, and is, to the fans, we’re wide open. I loved ‘Firefly,’ personally, and I watched every episode. I didn’t work on it, but I loved the show. It had come up before, but we had ‘The Orville’ on the air and it didn’t make sense for us to have, as a broadcast network who is very targeted, to have two space franchises on our air.”

Considering that it’s been since 2003 and the rumors of a new Firefly show tend to circulate every now and again it’s easy to think that it might not happen as quickly as people like or it might happen and people won’t appreciate it as much as they’re hoping. After all, getting the cast back together might prove problematic and then getting someone on board to film the show might be another headache waiting to happen. Fan support isn’t bound to be an issue since people have been clambering for this show to make its way back eventually and haven’t really stopped for almost two decades now. Unfortunately the cast issue could also indicate that some of the actors might not want to return or might have serious scheduling conflicts that could keep the project grounded for a while yet. One has to realize that a number of them are getting older and might not want to take up the roles again. Fans aren’t likely to take that reply but it’s one that might need to be considered at the very least.

For being such a short-lived show Firefly gained a huge fan base that has continued to stand by it for quite some time which is kind of confusing but also kind of inspiring since it means the show struck a major nerve and resonated with the people in a way that was fully appreciated. Given how many space-faring shows there have been on TV throughout the last several decades it’s hard to think of just how many have really managed to gain the faith of the people in this manner since a lot of them have come and gone without this much fanfare. The story is one that is able to pull in a lot of people based on the ideas that have been brought to bear and the overall feel of the characters and their relationship with each other, but unless you’re really into the show then it might appear to be just another program that people have willingly fallen into in order to pass the time and give themselves something to do with their life. Still, among the many shows that are available to watch across many different networks people are still willing to bring Firefly up and it does sound as though Fox is willing to listen and to consider that it might be time to bring the show back in some way, shape, or form. How they’ll do this if they decide to make a go of it is hard to say since again, there are a lot of working parts that need to be figured out in order to make it work, but there’s also the thought that people will follow the show so long as the main core of the story is followed and perhaps at least a few of the main actors are brought back.

One thing that would likely kill the show before it got started would be if they couldn’t secure the needed actors or if they decided to change things up just enough that it no longer made as much sense as it once did. Julia Alexander of Polygon has more to say on this matter. Hopefully that won’t be the case and we’ll see the cast return, but at the moment the idea is still up in the air and not at all certain.

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