Fans Would Like to See Chloe Grace Moretz as Supergirl

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Fans would like to see Chloe Grace Moretz in the DCU. It sounds as though she’d be up to joining the DCU or the MCU. But in a slight twist, she wants to be a villain. This kind of rules out a chance at playing Supergirl. 

It’s fair to think that she could be convinced that this role is perfect for her, though. Since there’s a younger Superman coming in, this would make sense. Any serious age discrepancy between Supergirl and Superman would get noticed by the fans. If the fans notice something, it’s a sure bet that they’re going to talk about it until something goes their way or something goes wrong. 

The images online showing Chloe as Supergirl are amazing, though, and it’s easy to think that she would embrace this type of role. She has already played the part of a masked vigilante in the two Kick-Ass movies, after all. It’s not hard to see her taking on another role. 

But, if she does wish to play the part of a villain, there are also plenty of roles for her to accept. Whether the DCU will offer her, such a role is hard to say. 

credit: DC Comics

It’s interesting to think of Chloe in a villainous role

The role of Hit Girl is about as close as Chloe has come to be a hero. However, seeing her swing in the other direction to become a villain is interesting to think about. But who she would portray is hard to figure out. There are a lot of roles that wouldn’t work that well. 

But there are several roles that she could possibly accept. One thing about comic book movies is that there’s no shortage of material to use. The list of characters that Chloe could successfully portray is a long one. Of course, the fact that she’s stated that she would go to the MCU as well is interesting to think about. 

There are plenty of anti-heroes in both camps, not to mention that there are plenty of villains. Trying to picture her in one role or another is easy enough, depending on who they are. But thinking of a distinct role and how she could make it work is a little tougher. 

The role of Supergirl is close to the opposite of what she’s played before

Chloe hasn’t played the most upright character in the past, but Hit Girl did attempt to fight for the right side. Being a vigilante was an interesting role since it allowed her to fight crime but from a different point of view. The role of a vigilante is a tough one to justify since they’re usually hated by criminals as well as the actual law. Chloe managed to make this character appear tough enough, but she did more than that. 

She also gave Hit Girl a common appearance and attitude that was dialed down at times. Instead of being a badass all the time, she managed to at least try to fit in with other kids. Obviously, in the second movie, this wasn’t entirely possible. But all the same, it was interesting to see the struggle between being a hero and a common citizen. 

credit: Kick-Ass 2

There is something about Chloe’s attitude on screen that begs for a different character

Chloe doesn’t come off as the type of hero that’s bound to do everything in the most lawful way possible. In fact, a lot of her roles have her playing the part of a woman who’s not bound to be as kind as possible. It’s fair to say that she could portray Supergirl if she had to, but it feels more likely that she would take on a character with a great deal of attitude and looser morals when it comes to killing. 

It’s likely that she would end up being far more entertaining in a role in which she’s shown great aptitude in. A villain or an antihero would suit her just fine, and both the MCU and DCU have plenty for her to choose from. People wanting to see her as a hero might need to suck it up and accept it. 

Supergirl isn’t the noblest person around, but she’s not an antihero either

Much like her famous cousin, Supergirl isn’t exactly the best at being an antihero for various reasons. If Chloe did take this part, it already feels as though this wouldn’t present the easiest challenge in the world. Could she play the character? Probably. 

Would she be the best fit for the character? That’s hard to say for certain. All that can really be said is that the fans want to see this happen, so there’s always a chance that it could. It kind of depends on how much faith James Gunn and Peter Safran have in such an idea. 

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