Everything We Know about the Upcoming John Wick Video Game

Everything We Know about the Upcoming John Wick Video Game

Some folks might believe that a John Wick game is going to be another first-person shooter that ends up being like the wild west and a Call of Duty game put together, but if you take a look at what Kaylyn Corrigan from JoBlo has come up with then you might get a different impression entirely. So far the gameplay seems like something very different from a shooter game, in fact it seems more precise like something you might see in Final Fantasy, but even more in-depth when it comes to the choices and consequences that are experienced by the player. As you already know John Wick is a very technical and driven character. The act of combat is something he doesn’t enter into lightly and it’s also something that he tends to view as a very dynamic play in which the players need to know where each of their enemies are going to stand in order to make the decisions that will benefit them and harm those that mean to harm them. John Wick of course is a master of this since there’s little to no wasted movements in his repertoire and everything he does is purposeful in its own way as it moves him forward and keeps him alive while creating a pile of bodies in his wake.

Sarah El-Mahmoud from Cinema Blend goes into further description with this by speaking of John Wick Hex, the title of the game, as a strategy game, which it most certainly is. While there’s plenty of killing and mayhem involved, it still seems that the game itself is going to be a thinking person’s dream since the style of play is not as dull as some strategy games but it’s still not quite as quick and overwhelming as shooter games can be. Instead this seems designed to make the player really think about what they’re doing and will possibly force them to be a few steps ahead of the game, if possible, at ever turn. If you think about how the movies have panned out thus far you can see why this would be the preferred style of play and why it would be so popular when it comes to the dedicated fans that will line up to play it. The game itself is going to console and PC and is expected to be out before the next movie so it’s guaranteed that dedicated fans will likely find themselves trying to either master the game or at least experience it in an attempt to further their enjoyment when it comes to everything John Wick.

As Patrick Shanley from The Hollywood Reporter and many others have already revealed Ian McShane and a few others will be taking up their roles within the game as they lend their voices to their characters, and it’s expected that this game will have all the elements of a true John Wick experience. The idea of making the player face the consequences however is something that seems quite invigorating since it makes them think as well as react in roughly the same way as the character has to in the movies, thereby making it absolutely necessary to take the game somewhat seriously if they want to continue their enjoyment and move forward. There will no doubt be controllers broken, obscenities shouted, and friends laughing at the misfortune of those that try and fail to advance during the game but the overall experience is still bound to be something that’s going to keep people coming back again and again in order to finally learn what it’s like to be John Wick and really see the game of life and death as something that’s meant to be taken seriously and not played around with. It seems awfully serious for a game but it does manage to teach people, in some way, that their actions have consequences.

While that doesn’t relate to the real world in the same manner as people might think, it does still stimulate the mental capabilities of those that play when a game can truly be said to keep their minds active and attentive at all times. There are games like this that make the player think on their feet as the saying goes, as being active is one of the best ways to maintain one’s overall mental health and, in a game, keep the character alive. But seeing how this is going to be a strategy on how to kill one’s enemies and stay alive at the same time it’s going to come down to who the real strategists are when it comes to gaming and who’s just in it to have fun. One thing to be sure of though is that while it might not fly off the shelves, there’s a good chance we’ll be talking about it here very soon.

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