10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eugenio Siller

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eugenio Siller

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eugenio Siller

Eugenio Siller is a name that may not be familiar to American audiences just yet, but he’s definitely on his way. Born and raised in Mexico, Eugenio began his on-screen acting career in 2006 and he has been part of several successful Spanish-language productions. Recently, however, he’s been getting attention all over the world for his role in the new Netflix series Who Killed Sara? Eugenio’s captivating on-screen presence and hard-working mindset have already opened plenty of doors for him and there will be even more in the future. Those who aren’t familiar with his work yet will be soon. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Eugenio Siller.

1. He Is A Formally Trained Actor

Eugenio has always wanted to be an actor and he has devoted a lot of time and energy to honing his skills. He studied acting at Centro de Educación Artística in Mexico. Even after graduating, however, Eugenio has continued to further his education. He enjoys taking acting classes whenever he gets the chance. Eugenio is a firm believer of never getting complacent and always looking for ways to grow and improve.

2. Acting Isn’t The Only Thing He Does

These days, most people are familiar with Eugenio for the work he’s done as an actor, but he’s also a model and musician. He has released several singles and projects over the years, but it looks like acting is currently his main focus. He has also modeled although we weren’t able to locate specific brands or publications he’s worked with.

3. His Brother Is Also An Actor

Eugenio isn’t the only person in his family who has found his way to the professional acting world. His brother, Mundo Siller, is also a talented actor. He made his TV debut in 2011 and he has made a handful of other TV appearances ever since. His most recent role was in a TV series called Want It All.

4. He Has A Huge Social Media Following

Even though there are still a lot more things Eugenio would like to accomplish, he’s already built a very solid fan base. At the moment, Eugenio has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and that number is only going to increase as he continues on his journey in the entertainment industry.

5. He Loves Being Near The Water

Over the last few years, Eugenio’s schedule has been pretty packed with new opportunities. While that’s been great for his career, he also enjoys getting free time to do other things he enjoys. One of the things he loves to do is hang out by the water. Whether it be swimming, boating, or paddleboarding you can usually find him soaking up the sun on a beautiful day.

6. He Enjoys Traveling

Life is all about having as many memorable experiences as possible, and Eugenio has had no shortage of those. Eugenio always looks forward to visiting new places. He has gotten the chance to do lots of traveling over the years and he has been to places like Greece, Hungary, and Turkey.

7. He Is Very Family Oriented

Eugenio doesn’t have any children, but he has made it clear that family is one of the most important things in his life. He has very close relationships with his parents and other loved ones and he has been very fortunate to have their support throughout his carer.

8. He Is An Avid Movie Goer

We have come across countless actors who prefer not to spend their time watching movies or TV shows because it reminds them too much of work. Eugenio isn’t that type, however. He actually really loves going to the movies. According to People En Espanol, Eugenio said, “I go to the movies like three or four times a week.”

9. He Is Always Wanted To Break Into The American Market

Eugenio began his career in Mexican productions and he will always have love and respect for the Mexican entertainment industry. However, one of his goals was always to break into the American market and move to Los Angeles. His dream of living in L.A. has come true, but he’s still waiting for an opportunity to work on an American project.

10. He Is A Very Active Person

Eugenio loves to keep his body beach-ready all year long. Needless to say, he’s no stranger to exercise and he spends a lot of his time working out. We weren’t able to find the specifics regarding his workout routine, but it’s very clear that health and fitness are two things that are right at the top of his priority list.

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