7 Interesting Facts About Coming To America’s Eddie Murphy

Sometimes it seems like Eddie Murphy has been a fixture in the movie industry forever. The star has done it all, ranging from movies to sketches and even comedy shows. For the most part, the star is known for his role as Prince Akeem in the 1988 romantic comedy, Coming To America. However, he was already in the acting game before that.

If there’s anyone in showbiz who’s given so much yet so little of himself, it’s Eddie Murphy. Needless to say, he’s one actor to keep an eye on. With that in mind, here are a few interesting facts about the actor cum stand-up comedian.


1. Eddie Murphy Has Played Several Roles In The Same Movies

Eddie Murphy 1

If there’s one signature Eddy Murphy move, it’s his ability to play different roles in one movie. Altogether, the star isn’t afraid to challenge himself in ways that most actors would totally fumble. In Coming To America, the star played a whopping four roles.

Not only did he play the lead, Prince Akeem, but he was also Saul, Randy, and Clarence. That wasn’t the only time he pulled this off. Murphy also played multiple roles in Meet Dave and Bowfinger. However, one of his most commendable renditions of multiple roles was in the comedy Norbit. Of course, he played the titular character. He also played the role of an aged Asian man, Mr.Wong, and the evil Rasputia.

2. He Gives To Charity

Besides fame, one of the perks of being a top actor in the industry is the big bucks. Needless to say, Murphy has amassed quite a fortune over the years. But he doesn’t just keep it all to himself, the star gives to charity organizations.

Some of his notable charity contributions are his donation to the Martin Luther King Center. He has also donated to The Center For Nonviolent Social Change and the Screen Actors Guild strike-relief fund. Additionally, the actor started the YEAH! Foundation, which centrally focuses on giving scholarships to indigent children and helping homeless people.

3. Eddie Murphy Isn’t Afraid To Take Risks

Eddie Murphy 2

Life is nothing if it’s not riddled with a few risks along the way. That’s certainly a concept that Eddie Murphy understands through and through. At the start of his acting career, he signed an exclusive contract with Paramount Pictures.

It may not sound like much, but back then, it was risky to sign exclusive contracts. In his case, the risk paid off because he ended up filming some of his best movies with them. Some of those movies include Coming to America, Trading Places, and Beverly Hills Cop.

4. School Was Never His Favorite Place

There are different kinds of smarts in this world, but most people tend to make a huge deal about book smarts. Bottom line, Murphy wasn’t a fan of studying, books, and a lot of other aspects of school as a whole. Additionally, the star was a bit of a smart mouth, so he often got into scuffles with his classmates.

While that probably didn’t make him the most popular kid in the class, it helped him practice his comedy routines. Altogether, the star didn’t pay much attention to his academics and even graduated some months late. But his dedication got him through it, among other things in life.

5. He Became Popular In The 1980s

Eddie Murphy 3

Though it may seem that way, Eddie Murphy hasn’t been on screens since motion pictures were invented. The star rose to fame in the 1980s based on his performance in the show Saturday Night Live (SNL). He was a regular cast member and was known for his stellar impersonations of celebrities like Muhammad Ali, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder. At the end of the day, SNL succeeded in catapulting him to the next level of his career.

6. Eddie Murphy and His Brother Are Polar Opposites

Siblings may come from the same parents, but that’s no guarantee that they’d end anything alike. That’s the case with Eddie Murphy and his older brother Charlie Murphy. While Charlie Murphy had a black belt in karate and eventually landed behind bars, Eddie Murphy built his performance skills and made a name for himself in showbiz.

The good news is that the older Murphy brother eventually got into showbiz and ended up racking up the credits. He’s widely known for his role as Vic in Black Jesus and his work on The Chappelle’s Show. Unfortunately, Charlie Murphy passed away in 2017.

7. Richard Pryor Was His Inspiration

Richard Pryor

Having a mentor or someone to look up to is a big part of making it in any industry. For Murphy, Richard Pryor was a huge inspiration. In fact, when Eddie Murphy first worked as a director, he made sure Pryor was his co-star.

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