What Is A Tiefling? Honor Among Thieves Non-Human Character Explained

What Is A Tiefling? Honor Among Thieves Non-Human Character Explained

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves contains a distinctive character in Doric, the tiefling druid. Seen in the movie’s first trailer, turning into a beast before diving into melée combat, she looks like she’ll hold a significant place in the adventure – as well as being the “straight man” character to act as a foil against the movie’s comedic tone. Most notably though, tieflings like her are a unique and much-loved part of the Dungeons & Dragons (DND) universe.

Honor Among Thieves has received a lot of hype so far and looks set to be a lot of fun when it’s released this Spring. While some players of the tabletop game itself were quick to point out apparent mistakes in the trailers, many remain cautiously optimistic. As well as a more comical tone than most other fantasy movies, it’s also making a point to highlight a few famous aspects of the DND game itself, showcasing unique monsters and character types alike.

Dungeons & Dragons’ Tiefling Race Explained

Artwork of a tiefling in DND, casting magic.

In the lore of DND, a tiefling is a human with demonic ancestry. Generations ago, an accursed pact was made with the Lord of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus, which infused demonic energy into a handful of mortals. Their descendants became the tieflings, no longer truly human but not quite demon either. As a strange and misunderstood group of people even in the weird world of Dungeons & Dragons, tieflings are often outcasts, scorned and distrusted wherever they go. They tend to live outside the constraints of regular society, making them perfectly suited for fantasy adventure shenanigans.

In Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Doric is also a druid, and this probably ties in with her unusual ancestry. Druids in DND lore tend to live solitary lives, preferring the company of nature over being with other people. A fitting lot in life for someone who likely has trouble fitting in among humans. That said, Doric also looks a lot more human than the tieflings most players include in their games. Where she’s essentially an auburn-haired human with discreet horns and a tail, DND artwork more often shows tieflings with vibrant purple skin, black hair, and golden eyes with no visible pupils.

What Honor Among Thieves’ Inclusion Of A Tiefling Means

The tiefling druid Doric, from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

Tieflings are a unique part of Dungeons & Dragons, so Doric’s inclusion makes perfect sense in Honor Among Thieves. Her presence alone shows off part of the world’s lore. What’s more, tieflings have a cult following online, with a handful of enthusiastic players who adore their vibrant and outlandish tiefling characters. Put simply, a tiefling character in the main cast adds interest for both newcomers and long-time gamers.

Admittedly, it would perhaps have been a more interesting creative choice to make Doric look a bit more like the canonical DND Tieflings, rather than simply a girl with horns. All the same, her inclusion is a nice little nod to the larger world of DND. It also gives some hope that Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves will tell a distinctive story, helping it stand out from the many fantasy movies that already exist in the world.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves releases in theaters on March 31st, 2023.

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