Dave Bautista Says Director James Gunn is a Control Freak

Dave Bautista Says Director James Gunn is a Control Freak

Dave Bautista Says Director James Gunn is a Control Freak

Usually, when a person is called a control freak it’s not really a compliment, but James Gunn likely knows what a lot of people feel about him and he’s not exactly new to criticism so it’s likely that Dave Bautista revealing that Gunn is in fact a control freak that likes to be aware of and involved in everything that goes on within his set isn’t that big of a deal. Even Bautista doesn’t appear too upset about it since this is likely more of an observation than a real criticism since as a lot of actors have found out over the course of their careers, every director has their own style and it’s easy to think that if not for being a control freak that some of them might be very different people, which could be a good or a bad thing. But in comparing Zack Snyder and James Gunn, Bautista has made it very clear that Snyder gives him more room than Gunn, who wants him to look in the direction he tells him and simply respond to what he’s asked to do and nothing more. There’s a certain logic in that since some directors have a distinct vision that they want to keep to, while others might allow their actors more room to improvise and make up a line on the spot.

It’s happened in many movies that actors will take control at some point and come up with something that the director didn’t plan out but that still manages to enhance the movie somehow. The thing is that an actor usually has to have a lot of pull to make this happen unless the director is someone that’s cool with it and will roll with just about anything that happens. That’s not James Gunn apparently. It’s very likely that if given a big-name actor to work with that Gunn might realize that fighting with the said actor over one part of the script or part of a scene it might be wise to compromise and give a little, but while Bautista has become a pretty big deal in the MCU it’s still fair to state that he’s not quite as big of a name as other stars that have graced the Marvel universe, at least not yet.

Like many wrestling superstars that have come to the big screen, Bautista is given a lot of respect by his fans and by those that work with him, but the thing is that he’s not quite the same caliber as other actors just yet. He’s definitely up there with several of his costars, but putting legends such as Kurt Russell into the mix makes it obvious that Bautista and several of the others are still good actors, but they’re definitely a bit outclassed. To be fair though, Dave has come a long way since he first started out in movies and he’s definitely worked his way up the ladder until now he’s definitely a welcome sight wherever he goes since he’s learned quite a bit about acting and he’s been able to take on roles that aren’t always the greatest in the world but have at least shown that he’s not just the big guy that can’t act but can look intimidating. His roles in movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade Runner 2049 have made it apparent that his range has grown quite a bit and that he’s bound to be one of the better actors that the WWE has produced. If anyone can remember, he did have a role in Smallville when it was still on the air, so he’s been on the move for a while when it comes to his acting career, and he’s worked with a number of people that might be willing to say that he’s come a long way since his first roles in TV and in movies. But calling someone a control freak is kind of risque even if it’s true since it’s not the first time that James Gunn has been labeled in such a way. At this point though it does feel that Dave has earned the right to do such a thing, if only because he’s managed to hang in there with some of the best actors of the day and has been great in more than one role thus far.

The point is that pretty much everyone is going to say something about someone else in the business, and James Gunn has even said plenty of positive things about Bautista when asked, which, if not for the idea that the term ‘control freak’ might be simply a term of endearment, might have been kind of awkward. It does feel as though the two men respect each other enough to say such things, and it’s true at least, some directors do like to be involved with pretty much everything on the set.

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