How Daisy Ridley Landed the Part of Rey in the Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The main reason that Daisy Ridley was about to land the part of Rey in the Star Wars franchise is pretty simple, Abrams stuck to at least one part of a winning formula. He wanted to cast unknowns to star in the movie, people that one had ever seen before. George Lucas did this with the original trilogy with Luke, Leia, and for the most part Han. They’d all been seen before technically but had never done something quite as big as Star Wars, and this was the same case for Ridley. She’d already had plenty of work onscreen but nothing had ever catapulted her to this level.

In fact she was hesitant to even audition since she firmly believed that such a role was miles above where she currently was in her career. It’s a daunting prospect really to think that you might be selected for a part in one of the greatest movie franchises ever made. But she went to audition and in doing so got the part of a lifetime, the same kind of part essentially that Mark Hamill received years ago when he first started out in the franchise. Her ship had come in and she was now going to be one of the biggest stars around.

Since then her career has been on a fast track and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Just recently she was seen to star in the film Murder on the Orient Express alongside a highly impressive cast, and she’ll be starring with fellow costar Josh Gad and Luke Evans in another film designed for Netflix coming in 2018. Ridley’s career is growing and growing and there’s no way it should be poised to stop any time soon. She’s young, possesses a great deal of talent, has the right look, and can adapt to her role quite well. She is a part of the new generation that is slowly but surely taking over as the old guard has to eventually stand up and pass the torch.

It won’t happen today or tomorrow to be honest, but Ridley and many others are now coming in force to Hollywood and showing that they have what it takes to carry on the tradition of show business that has been kept alive for so many years. They are capable of bringing a new level of entertainment to the masses and to bringing iconic characters that people will love for generations to life. Rey is a good example of what the current and future legends of film will look like as the current generation of fans continue to grow and find their own heroes to idolize.

Not auditioning for this role would have been one of the biggest mistakes of her young life, and to be quite honest it would have robbed fans, and Ridley, of the chance to explore this increasingly interesting and important character that’s been introduced into the franchise. Star Wars’ canon might have been changed but at the very least Rey is one of the changes that most people, if not all of them, can get behind.

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