The Daily Show Looks at Bill O’Reilly’s Most Racist Moments

The Daily Show Looks at Bill O’Reilly’s Most Racist Moments

Clearly one of the most talked about topics of yesterday as well as today is the firing of Fox news host Bill O’Reilly.   It’s no surprise that late night shows were celebrating his ousting, so naturally I’ll be posting on who had the best “roasts” as much as I can.  While Colbert’s was decent I’ve grown fond of Trevor Noah’s bashing on The Daily Show.   As soon as Noah made the announcement (which of course followed his announcement that Serena Williams is pregnant and that every time a black baby comes into this world an old white man must fall) the crowd erupted in applause.

Noah decided to pay tribute to O’Reilly not by focusing on how much of a sexist he is or the obscene way he’s treated women over the years, but by paying attention to just how racist this guy is.  The Daily show decided to run a clip of some of Bill O’Reilly’s most racist moments on The O’Reilly Factor.

Considering how much press O’Reilly’s firing is getting it seems like the whole world loves that he’s getting tossed and yet he had the single most popular cable news show for 15 years.  Where are all his fans in this?

Check out the racist moments video below:

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