10 Things You Didn’t Know About Catalina Garcia

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Catalina Garcia

Catalina Garcia is the lead singer for the Colombian musical ensemble Monsieur Perine. She has become an international sensation along with other members of the group, but she has taken center stage most often because of her role in the group. She has an interesting history that many fans of the music are probably not aware of. For fans who would like to become better acquainted with her, here are 10 things you most likely did not know about Catalina Garcia.

1. She is a native of Cali, Colombia but lived in the US

Catalina was born in the city of Cali in the country of Colombia. She attended the French international school, Paul Valery. She spent her early years in this region before her parents decided that it was time to make a move. They traveled across the world with Catalina to the United States, where the family lived for two years. They moved back to Colombia and resumed their lives in their home country.

2. She went to College

Catalina moved from the home that she shared with her parents to the larger city of Bogota, Colombia when she turned 18 years old. She relocated to the city to attend Javeriana University. While there, she studied anthropology. While she was studying there she met the other musicians who would become members of the band she would co-found.

3. Catalina Garcia is a co-founder of Monsieur Perine

Garcia became acquainted with Santiago Prieto, Nicolas Junca and Camilo Parra while she was attending college. The acquaintances from school were all on vacation at the same place in Villa de Leyva and one night they gathered in the same square, and they started to jam with one another and this is how they discovered that they had very special chemistry as musicians. It was from this point forward that they began playing music together, then ultimately founded the group, Monsieur Perine. It had to be destiny or fate because prior to that, they didn’t know one another. This happened in 2007

4. She worked with her bandmates to find a unique sound

All of the members of Monsieur Perine are talented musicians with an innovative streak. Although they knew that they had a special musical connection, the group decided that they needed to find a sound that would be their very own. They experimented with a fusion of jazz, and traditional Latin American rhythms to find their own genre of music.

5. Garcia started out with local performances

The group was officially established in 2008, but the group only started giving local performances in 2009 in Bogota. They played at music festivals at first, to get the name of the band and the flavor of their music out there to audiences. This was a developmental time for Catalina and her bandmates. In 2009-10, they began composing original songs and performing them which gave them a more solid identity. They played smaller gigs including birthday and wedding celebrations at first. In 2010 the group recorded “Swing With Me” and “Ton Silence.”

6. Garcia’s first album was released in 2012

Garcia along with her band released their first album titled “Hecho a Mano” in 2012. The album went gold and received multiple nominations for prestigious awards. The album was an independent release that was first distributed in Colombia. It later went international with releases in Japan, Germany, and Mexico.

7. The group received a Grammy Award nomination

Catalina Garcia’s amazing music ensemble has become so well-known and loved throughout the world that in 2016, they received a nomination for the first Grammy Award. The nomination was made for their album “Caja de Musica.” In 2015, Garcia took home a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

8. You can follow Catalina Garcia on Instagram

One of the most popular methods for keeping fans updated on current events is through Instagram. Catalina Garcia has an account under the name madaemeperine. She currently has over 232,000 followers, which is phenomenal. She does an amazing job of keeping fans updated and as of the last check-in, she had already made 2,752 posts. It’s a great resource for finding some of the most outstanding photos of Catalina and the rest of the group, as well as for touring dates and other related announcements.

9. Garcia is collaborating with Leonel Garcia and Ticentico

Catalina Garcia recently released fa new 12-track album called “Encanto.” She shared in an interview that it was necessary to collaborate with Leonel Garcia on the writing of the songs to bring a new element into the mix for the group. They are very particular about the mood that is produced by their music and nothing is rushed or taken for granted. Leonel is a prolific Mexican singer and songwriter and the worlds that he writes are beautiful in Catalina’s estimation and the song that he wrote is about healing. This is something that is valued by all members of the group.

10. Monsieur Perine has been a 10-year evolution

Catalina Garcia further ventured that when Monsieur Perinen is on tour, they attempt to meet with other artists to form collaborations for writing the songs that they perform. this keeps the experimental and evolutionary aspects of their music fresh and contemporary. As the group tours throughout various countries of the world, they are making new connections and forming new relationships with other artists, and this brings a new infusion into the compositions they present to their audiences. Garcia is a phenomenal singer with a wonderfully innovative way of thinking and interpreting the music She and her bandmates have been through a lot of changes in the more than 11 years since they first established Monsieur Perine, and this is the nature of their origins. Each embraces and welcome change, and it’s readily apparent that their audiences share this passion.

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