Casting The Eventual College Admissions Scandal Lifetime Movie

Casting The Eventual College Admissions Scandal Lifetime Movie

Kate Taylor of The New York Times does attempt to give a fair accounting of how the college admissions scandal involving dozens of people, including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, has ruined a great many lives at this point. The only downfall of trying to be fair here is that Loughlin and Huffman and all the others are being given the chance at a fair shake when their attempts to bribe their kids’ way into college was perhaps one of the most unfair acts they could have committed. Erika Sanzi of Education Post could give you a better accounting of why this is so wrong and entirely immoral than I ever could, but as parents many of us should feel the right to be outraged by this scandal. Some people might say ‘take it easy’ since Loughlin and Huffman’s lawyers are both claiming that their clients deserve a fair trial, and as Kayla Keegan of GH has shown even Loughlin’s former Full House costars are still willing to stand behind her, way behind in some cases but still behind. At this point you simply know a movie is going to be made of this eventually, and now it’s just a matter of casting the right people for the main roles.

So let’s see who might fit the bill.

William H. Macy – Gary Oldman

It’s an easy pick for this one since not just anyone could pull off the role of William H. Macy since the guy has a very distinctive look and is a beloved actor that’s been very prominent throughout the years. Whether or not this scandal is going to affect his career is hard to say since he and Huffman are married after all. So far it doesn’t seem that this scandal has touched him in terms of his acting career but a lot remains to be seen since what affects a spouse usually does end up affecting the significant other. But until that point, and after, he’s still going to be a part of this mess so it’s only fair to include him.

Felicity Huffman – Lena Heady

It kind of seems that she might need something now that Game of Thrones has wrapped and it would seem that she’s very qualified to be someone that’s in the middle of a controversy even if it is fiction based on reality. Lena’s proven very much that she can play a woman who’s absolutely cruel and uncaring but can also flip the script and play a woman that might be seen by many as a victim of her own hubris or, quite simply, someone that made a mistake that she’s now going to have to pay for. She might not be the first choice but she does seem like someone that could possibly fit the bill.

Olivia Jade – Chloe Grace Moretz

You might be wondering why the other kids that were affected aren’t on this list, but that’s kind of simple. Olivia was the only one that really got vocal about it and has even gone on to state that her parents ruined her life in a way. The younger influencer might gain a great deal of sympathy from others around the nation as it wasn’t her actions that put her mother and father on the hot seat, but if you look a little closer you might feel a bit foolish for coming to her defense. After all this is the young woman that went online to state that she doesn’t care about the education so much as she does about having the ‘college experience’, meaning partying and having a good time in general. Sigh, Olivia, college is more than drinking and socializing, believe it or not.

Mossimo Giannulli – Bradley Cooper

This was kind of a tough choice since it seems like there would be a lot of B-list actors that could fit the bill and would likely be more accessible. Cooper is after all on an upswing after A Star is Born and might not be the first choice. But he’s our first choice since he does have at least a close resemblance to Mossimo and could definitely pull off the role since quite honestly he’s that good and could even bring the kind of attitude that’s needed to the role to make it even more believable.

Lori Loughlin – Rebecca Romijn

You might think this is kind of a low blow, even an obscure one since as you should remember that Rebecca was married to John Stamos for about seven years. But it does seem that she would be able to produce the kind of skill that would make this role work and possibly deliver a very impressive accounting of the actress in question. It does seem like I’m poking a bit of fun thanks to the whole connection to John Stamos and the fact that Loughlin is Stamos’ on screen wife, but, well, as the old saying she’s made her bed, now she gets to lie in it.

Paying for an education that’s going to be appreciated and taken seriously is great and extremely generous, but paying for someone to go and drink their college years away, or to increase their SAT score, definitely undermines the whole idea of education.

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