Calls for Gotham to Return to the Air are Gaining Traction

Calls for Gotham to Return to the Air are Gaining Traction

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Fans trying to bring back shows, movies, and anything else they can convince people they’re still hot and bothered for has become a big thing in the last few years and while it’s a bit irritating having to hear about it all the time it’s not hard to understand. Gotham was after all another different look at Batman from his beginnings as Bruce Wayne and even went through the beginnings of other characters as well such as Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, and several others. It was a way to tell the story from a different perspective since Jim Gordon was one of the main characters and this show explored his life in a very big way while letting the rest of it roll out as it would. Gotham actually told the story of what was in the works before Batman even showed up, when Bruce was still a scared young kid that had yet to suit up for the first time and was more or less a terrified orphan who eventually felt that he was tough as he started to undertake his training at some point. We even had the chance to find out a little more about Alfred Pennyworth, the family butler, and the various gangsters that preceded the major villains. So the idea of people wanting to bring the show back isn’t such a big deal, it’s the fact that some folks are actually stating that this was their one and only escape from a hard day or their highlight at the end of the week. People realize that there are plenty of shows on that have just as much entertainment value, if not more, than Gotham, right? True, there’s no other show like it, but the fact is that when the show ended it was starting to become slightly predictable and was pulling away from the style and method that made it great in the first place. Some folks might want to argue about this but I’m willing to bet that some folks had stopped watching the show before it went off the air. Funny thing, some of those folks are likely the ones stating that they’d love to see it come back.

Like I said though it’s easy enough to understand since the show did manage to showcase a few of the more popular villains and even a slightly different version of the Joker. The fact that it started out with the gangsters in control was kind of nice since it established a baseline of sorts of crime in the city and then went from there to show how the villains would eventually emerge. Some of them were easy to see coming, while others had to be guessed at in some ways. But all of them were interesting to see as they made their way forward and assumed their roles. From the Penguin to the grotesque version of Joker, things in Gotham steadily went from bad to worse, and instead of Batman dealing with the villains, Jim Gordon had to deal with it in order to keep some semblance of law alive on the streets. The funny thing is he was a bit of a hothead at times and he managed to get into just as much trouble as he got out of, and there were a few times when the story took a jog in a slightly different direction than a lot of people were expecting. More often than not though the story would tighten up and things would continue to push forward in a manner that was obviously going to make some sort of sense eventually. But bringing it back might actually pose a challenge even if the cast members want to come back and those involved are primed and ready to make it happen.

One has to wonder just how far ahead things would be pushed since by season 5 Batman did emerge on the scene. Considering how tough Batman really is it would argue that those taking up their roles again would have had to fully grow into their personas, which means the character and landscape of Gotham would have to change in a very big way. So far the fans have been shouting into the wind when trying to get their voices heard, but if something does happen it feels as though bringing back Gotham with The Batman so close to being released might not be the best idea. If it was given the green light it feels as though it should happen at a very different time when it wouldn’t serve as any type of competition for the audience’s attention. But at this time it does sound as though fans are doing their best to get someone to pay attention and make this happen if only to make certain someone hears them and starts to consider what might happen if they did bring the show back.

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