Bulk and Skull Were Power Rangers at One Time

Bulk and Skull Were Power Rangers at One Time
Bulk and Skull Were Power Rangers at One Time

credit: Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

Bulk and Skull were Power Rangers at one time, if one can believe that. It’s not the first time that unassuming characters have found themselves in a position of power. But this was kind of ridiculous to the point of comedy. It was also necessary, according to the story. 

It does stand out as a funny moment as well as proof that the Power Rangers weren’t invincible. This wasn’t the first time that a monster gained the upper hand against the Rangers, but their backup was kind of interesting. Bulk and Skull were introduced in the show from the beginning as inept but persistent bullies on the show. 

When looking at the pair, it’s easy to think that they’re moronic, but a closer look reveals that they’re also Ranger superfans. If this is the bare minimum that it takes to become a Ranger, then one might question a lot of those who were selected as Rangers. In fact, some might claim that Zordon isn’t all there. 

But it could also mean that Bulk and Skull weren’t as bad as people were meant to believe. After all, the other Rangers had their faults, but deep down, they were worthy of the power they were given. 

Bulk and Skull Were Power Rangers at One Time

credit: Power Rangers

It stands to reason that Bulk and Skull were decent at heart

When taking a look at what is required to take on the role of a Ranger, it would appear that Bulk and Skull weren’t that bad. A lot of their bullying might have resulted from internal and external factors. Without going too deeply into it, the fact is that both of them might have harbored very different personalities

The fact is that for the purpose of the show, they were seen as bullies. Back then, as now, it’s not always desired to view the interior motivations that explain why people act in certain ways. The fact that they were made Rangers argues that they had something Zordon valued. They did help to free the other Rangers, after all. 

The what-ifs are bound to materialize in the minds of many. However, it’s easy to think that if they’d tried to keep or abuse the power, Zordon could have taken it back. But somehow, they became superheroes for a brief time. This argues that they had something special that’s buried beneath the nonsense. 

Their zords were kind of hilarious

The Baconadon and the Featherdactyl are the zords that these two were given. In essence, a purple boar and a demonic-looking chicken were sent to save the Rangers. Of course, they did save the Rangers; that reminder needs to pop up again and again. But the fact is that they were still made into a joke. One can’t help but think that it’s a joke that was played on the Rangers as well.

Looking at this in a more positive light, however, it’s easy to say that Bulk and Skull were given their moment to shine. This is something that didn’t happen that often in the show since they were typically seen as bumbling bullies and not much else. That was their role, and it’s easy enough to accept. 

But still, to think that they were given this moment is kind of interesting. 

Bulk and Skull Were Power Rangers at One Time

credit: Power Rangers

Their powers were stripped when all was said and done

As was likely expected or hoped, Bulk and Skull did have their powers stripped when all was said and done. The memory of their heroics was also erased by Alpha 5, which means that they weren’t bound to tell anyone what they’d done. The fact is that as unfair as this sounds, Bulk and Skull wouldn’t really be quiet about this. Plus, keeping that kind of power in the hands of two individuals who had such a massive inferiority complex sounds like a bad idea. 

There’s no doubt that had they kept the powers, Bulk and Skull would have become a serious problem. Their actions and words alone were an issue, albeit a small and annoying one, in the show. As Rangers, it’s easy to see how the other Rangers would deal with them. Erasing their memory is simply an easier way to deal with the issue. 

It was honestly an interesting story arc

Honestly, this was an interesting story arc because it was out of the norm for this franchise. Utilizing Bulk and Skull in this manner brought to mind the fact that Zordon will look for alternatives when the Rangers are in serious trouble. 

Bulk and Skull weren’t the best choices out of the many others that could have taken on the role. But somehow, some way, the writers made it work, and the two bullies ended up acting as heroes in order to save their idols. The fact that the two were superfans was funny all on its own. 

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