Black Sails 1.08 Review: “VIII”

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Starz’ new drama Black Sails wrapped up season one after just eight episodes on Saturday night. It was an incredibly strange, whirlwind season. I don’t even no where to begin, but before I start it’s important to remember that the series has been renewed for a second season. Are you going to stick with the show?

As for the finale – the series ultimately leads you on your own quest for the mysterious Urca de Lima in that you’re chasing and awaiting something big all season and nothing happens. From the outset of the series we were lead to believe that there would be this epic showdown for the Spanish galleon, but the finale ended with a showdown with some random ship. Seriously?

But, and there’s always a but with this show – the showdown with the random ship was probably the best action of the whole season – a fitting view for a finale. So Flint and his crew get smoked in battle, but end up finding the Urca which had been taken down by nature. Leaving you thinking – what kind of climatic end is that. Like I said, the battle was pretty incredible, but everything a about the finale was a let down.

The entire series you watch Flint’s integrity and respect decline. It reaches a culmination in the finale. The dynamic between Gates and Flint come to a head in his cabin when Gates threatens mutiny. The result – Flint springs on Gates and kills him. Gates is dead – what the heck. Once again, Flint is compromised. Gates’ planned was always to get the gold and bring Flint to justice on the mainland, but new quartermaster Dufresne can’t wait and it may have cost the ship. As he accused Flint, the attack was delayed – and they wound up getting annihilated. The chaos on the ship is a mess in the finale and hard to track. Clearly, Silver is working his way into Flint’s graces, but Flint is becoming the enemy in a lot of ways  – and thus Silver is now being held accountable again.

Perhaps the best and most intriguing piece for season two was Vane’s return to Nassau with his surly crew from Blackbeard’s island. Vane’s back in the game, but it’s hard to tell what the story is with New Providence and its hostile takeover.

Here’s the thing – we’ll be back for season 2, but it’s hard to tell what the heck is going to happen. We’ve been saying it all along, the story is poised for something awesome, but it keeps failing.

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