Bill Nye Teaches You Science Slang and Of Course It’s Fun

Bill Nye Teaches You Science Slang and Of Course It’s Fun

Ah, Bill Nye the Science Guy. A true legendary ’90s educational icon that brings back all the memories of sitting in the classroom watching him teach us everything to know about science via his crazy experiments. Bill Nye has been around in the educational entertainment industry for quite some time, and still inspires many to explore science in many different and interesting ways. In case you are wanting to feel all of the nostalgia hit you square in the face, we have found a new video of Bill Nye conducting a segment with Vanity Fair, and teaching you all of the science slang that is out in the world and more than likely never used in your class room. You can take a peek at the segment yourself on the post below to see what we are talking about:

The video basically consist of Bill Nye showing us slang terms that are used in the science fields, and that the majority of the population would translate in a completely different light. We see phrases and words such as ‘Jedi’, ‘Spherical Cow’, ‘Champagne Tap’, ‘Cooler’, ‘Brute Force’, along with many others as well, and learn a little bit about science terms and what they mean all the while. Although the clip is only a little shy of three minutes long, we know that everyone is hoping that Bill Nye will be making some new thirty minute video clips for us to reminisce with soon. This has been our closer look at the Vanity Fair segment with Bill Nye teaching the viewers science slang terms that you more than likely didn’t know.

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