The Best Valentine’s Day TV Specials


Let’s be honest here–no one necessarily looks forward to Valentine’s Day. Much like other holidays that come and go each year, it’s just a day that people either spend getting drunk to forget about their last love, curl up on the couch because they have no significant other or overspend and fight the crowd by going out to dinner and doing something special for their mate. Want to know what we’ll be doing on February 14? Watching the tube. And these are some of the best Valentine’s Day TV specials we’ll make sure to catch–whether old or new.

5. Community

One of the best shows in recent memories that brings out the love on Valentine’s Day, Community has had a few good episodes for fans to enjoy. Our personal favorite came in the first season when Jeff tries to help Britta regain balance in their relationship after a quite embarrassing drunk dial. If you haven’t seen this episode, go watch it and try to convince yourself it’s not like any of those awkward moments in high school at a dance where there’s drama seemingly everywhere. Good work making all those single folks on V-Day cringe.

4. 30 Rock

One of the better shows NBC has ever developed might have aired its last episode just over a year ago, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t do some hilarious tributes to Valentine’s Day. A few of the most memorable were when Jack makes an interesting, somewhat romantic, connection with Avery’s mom, while Liz celebrates Anna Bernard Shaw Day because she’s lacking a valentine.

3. Parks and Recreation

We’re still pretty upset that this show isn’t on TV any longer–because it was just hilarious. No more was that proven than during the V-Day episode from back in 2012 when Chris becomes the most hilariously depressed person ever, Leslie makes Ben go on a near-impossible scavenger hunt and Ann finds herself at dinner with Tommy because of a few unexpected twist of events. It might not be a classic, but it’s still funny–especially since it plays up to all the cliches about the holiday itself.

2. The Big Bang Theory

In the episode entitled, “The Large Hadron Collision,” Leonard gets a chance to travel to Switzerland and, to probably no ones surprise, wants to take Penny. Problem is, Penny comes down with a sickness–which, ironic or not, Sheldon somehow picks up–and the two spend the day on the couch together. Naturally, Leonard brings Raj with him on his trip, with Raj declaring it to be the best V-Day ever.

1. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

As much as all of these other V-Day specials get us excited for the lovey-dovey day, there’s nothing like a classic. So while it might be painful to see Charlie Brown be on the unlucky side of receiving and valentine’s cards in the show itself, it was pretty touching to see hundreds of kids send the fake character valentines after the original special aired back in 1975.

Who says humanity has no heart?

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