John Oliver Blasts Trump’s Plan to Combat Opioid Addiction With Ads

Every time I see John Oliver I feel like laughing in the best way. Why is that? Because he takes on the subjects that others comment on but in a way that makes it clear just what he thinks about them. This time he’s taking on Trump’s plan to battle back against the opioid addiction that has been such a huge problem in America that is said to have started in the 1990’s and has recently become worse in 2015. The POTUS’s take on this particular issue is about the same as it’s been on virtually everything that he’s discussed since the beginning of his term. He’ll talk about it, he’ll acknowledge it, but when it comes time to lay out a plan on what to do about it the POTUS is simply too much talk and not enough action.

The most telling part of the clip comes when Trump is shown speaking to a group of kids, asking them to raise their hands and swear that they won’t take drugs. Then he goes on to ask them to say that they won’t touch…..oh wait, no, hold on, he said something along the lines that he knows they’ll drink, but to go easy on the alcohol.

Yeah……that’s advice. It’s not great advice, it’s not even good advice, but it’s advice. So kids, we all know you’re going to drink, but just go easy on it and don’t do drugs. You know the saddest part about this? A certain percentage of those kids in that group will likely try at least one or more drugs in their life. But Trump’s entire campaign against opioids is so far little more than a chance for him to address the issue and never once outline a plan of action that he will take in order to stem the tide of opioids that are sold in the US.

Oh wait, scratch that. He’s apparently been doing something akin to Nancy Reagan’s failed “Just Say No” attempt, which most of us can remember. So basically just tell yourself that you don’t need drugs and everything should be okay, right? Yeah, and for those that are already struggling with addiction, here’s a couple of pennies to rub together and toss into the wishing well in the hopes that you can simply wish your addiction away. At this point it’s what Trump seems to be willing to do for those that are already under the grip of the opioid epidemic.

There are many different things that can be done to stem this current epidemic but quite honestly it seems as though Trump doesn’t want to consider them. It would almost appear that he thinks the opioid problem is something that can be cured by the power of positive thinking. Well in that case then I’m positive that the situation will only get worse until Trump decides to actually put a plan into motion instead of telling the American people that things need to get better.

Newsflash Mr. President, a lot of us have known this for years now.

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