10 Things You Didn’t Know about Barton Fitzpatrick

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Barton Fitzpatrick

For two seasons on The Chi, Barton Fitzpatrick’s character, Reg, became one of the most likable villains on TV. Despite the fact that he sold drugs and partook in some other unsavory activities, he was still a great big brother who always looked out for his family. Lots of fans were sad when Reg was killed at the end of season 2 and many have speculated about why Fitzpatrick was written off the show. While his presence on the show is certainly missed, Barton Fitzpatrick isn’t going anywhere. He’s got some upcoming projects in the works, and we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Barton Fitzpatrick.

1. Larenz Tate Is His Cousin

Barton isn’t the only successful actor in his family. Actor, Lorenz Tate, is his older cousin. Tate, who is also from Chicago, has been acting for more than 30 years. He is well known for his role in films like Love Jones and shows like Rescue Me. Most recently Tate became known for his role as Councilman Tate on Power.

2. He’s A Singer

Most people who are familiar with Barton know him for his acting roles, but he’s also a musician. He released his debut single, “Simplicity” in 2019. The song was also played during an episode of The Chi. He’s only released one other song since then, but there will likely be more music in his future.

3. He Was Accused Of Being Transphobic

Recently, people began to speculate that Barton chose to leave The Chi because production planned on giving his character a trans love interest. The assumption was that when he refused, they decided to kill his character off and and create a new role which is now being played by Luke James. However, Barton took to social media to dispel these claims. He said that he has nothing against the trans community and asked his fans to stop spreading rumors.

4. He Loves To Travel

Barton has been enjoying all of the success he’s achieved over the last several years, and he deserves every minute of it. Traveling is one of his favorite ways to enjoy life and he’s been lucky to be able to do it often. Some of the places he’s been able to visit include Jamaica and Mexico.

5. He’s From Chicago

Just like his character on The Chi, Barton Fitzpatrick was born and raised in Chicago. It’s no secret that that Chicago has a reputation for being a tough place to grow up and Barton is thankful that he was able to make a name for himself and elevate his circumstances. Don’t get it twisted though, he’s still very proud of where he’s from.

6. He Went To The University Of Illinois

Barton developed a passion for acting at an early age. By the time college rolled around, he knew exactly what he wanted to study. Barton earned a scholarship to for the BFA program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It’s unclear whether or not he actually completed the program.

7. Some Viewers Think His Character Is Still Alive

Reg getting shot was one of the most shocking moments on The Chi. His character had gotten a decent amount of screen time during season two, and fans were excited to see where his story would go. Although he does seem to be dead, there are a few viewers who believe that he’s still alive. Barton himself may have even alluded to this himself in the video where he refuted claims about why he left the show.

8. He’s Only Been Acting Professionally For A Few Years

The last few years have been crazy for Barton; in the best way possible. He just made his on screen debut in an episode of Chicago Med in 2016. Getting the chance to have a main role on The Chi was a break out for Barton that can take some actors several years to come across.

9. He Threw The First Pitch At A Cubs Game

As a proud Chicago native, it goes without saying that Barton is also a fan of the city’s sports teams. Although it’s been a few years since any of the city’s teams have won a championship, Barton stays true to his roots. In 2018, he threw the opening pitch at a Cubs game.

10. He Has A Close Relationship With His Mom

Barton isn’t letting his success go to his head. Even though he is on his way to becoming a star, he isn’t forgetting about the person who has had his back from the very beginning: his mother. He has a close relationship with his mom and she appears to be very supportive of her son’s acting career.

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