10 Things You Didn’t Know about Barrett Foa

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Barrett Foa

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Barrett Foa

Being able to seamlessly switch between the stage and the screen may seem easy, but in reality, it’s more difficult than many people realize. Still, Barett Foa has managed to do it for the majority of his career and make it look easy. With a career that includes more than a decade on Broadway and more than a decade on TV, it’s safe to say that Barrett is living what most actors would consider the dream. On top of that, he has been very fortunate to find a level of stability that is almost unheard of. Many people will know him best for his role as Eric Beale in the show NCIS: Los Angeles. Eric has played the role since 2009 and his fans are hoping that he will continue to for many more years to come. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Barrett Foa.

1. He Studied Acting In London

Barrett was born and raised in the United States, but he decided to head across the pond to do some of his acting training. Barrett studied at the well-known Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London. The school boasts a long list of notable alumni such as Anthony Hopkins, James Norton, and Alan Rickman.

2. He Was The First Social Media Correspondent For The Tony Awards

Over the last decade or so, social media has become increasingly popular and it’s started to play a very significant role in the entertainment industry. In 2013, Barrett became the first official social media correspondent for the Tony Awards and the position has continued to be a part of the award show ever since.

3. He’s An Ally In Anti-Racism

Barrett is a strong believer in the importance of social justice and human rights, and he has used his platform to show his support for both of those things. He uses his social media presence to share resources regarding the fight to end racism and he regularly encourages his followers to get involved. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Barrett is also a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights.

4. He Loves To Travel

There’s something about traveling that is simply irreplaceable. Even all of the technology in the world can’t compare to the experience of being immersed in another culture. Barrett has been blessed to be in a position that allows him to travel. He has gotten to visit different places all over the United States and he’s also traveled outside of the country.

5. He Got Into Acting During High School

Many professional actors have cute stories about how they’ve been acting since they were in diapers, but Barrett’s journey is a little bit different. Some might even say that he was a late bloomer. He didn’t discover his real passion for acting until he was in high school. Once he did though, he knew it was something he wanted to pursue.

6. He’s Passionate About Helping Others

One of the best things about having a big platform is that you can use it to help you do things that are important to you. That’s exactly what Barrett has done over the years. He enjoys volunteering his time with several organizations including The Actors’ Fund.

7. He Was In An Episode Of Entourage

Barrett has been on NCIS: Los Angeles for so long that he hasn’t really had time to take on any other TV roles. However, before being cast on the show he made a handful of other TV appearances. One of those appearances includes an episode of the popular series Entourage. Barrett was in two episodes of the show, one in 2009 and another in 2010.

8. Family Is Very Important To Him

Barrett has yet to start a family of his own, but his relationship with his loved ones is some of the most important things in his life. He comes from a very close-knit family and he has one brother named Justin. Sadly, Barrett’s mother passed away after a battle with breast cancer in 2016.

9. He Practices Mindfulness

The entertainment industry can be very overwhelming, and we’ve all heard horror stories about how it’s eaten people alive. Barrett works hard to stay grounded and mindfulness is one of the things that helps him do that. In 2019 he read a book titled Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher which focused on tips to reduce stress through meditation and mindfulness.

10. He’s A Pet Parent

My comment that Barrett hasn’t started a family wasn’t entirely accurate. He is actually a very proud pet parent to an adorable dog named Scotch. The two have the sweetest relationship and Scotch has made lots of appearances on Barrett’s Instagram profile.

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