Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 9 Review: “Bound in the Flesh”

Ash vs. Evil Dead

There’s only one more episode left of the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead, so let’s look at the season’s penultimate episode, “Bound in the Flesh.”

The episode opens with Kelly and Pablo starting to feel the evil as Ash and Evil Ash fight each other. The two are forced to decide which of the Ashes is the real one, and a subtle display of racism and selfishness allow them to kill the right one. Afterward, Ash decides to destroy Amanda’s dead body so that it can’t come back and kill them, but he’s interrupted as the tourists from last week’s episode show up at the cabin to try and crash for the night. Pablo and Kelly take the tourists back to the main road while Ash stays back to take care of Amanda and his clone. We’re treated to a morbidly funny scene of Ash disposing of the body while, accidentally, his blood flows into the Necronomicon.

The book attempts to convince Ash to use it instead of burying it, so he stores it in the refrigerator so he doesn’t have to listen to it anymore. When he gets back to the main room to cut up Amanda (but not before taking one last little peek), he finds that her body is no longer there. As expected, Deadite Amanda pops up on the trail and kills two of the tourists that are with Pablo and Kelly. The scene of her attack is both intense and gripping, but it’s also incredibly funny. It amazes me just how well this show is able to blend sheer horror with absolute hilarity, and “Bound in the Flesh” is one of the best examples in the series so far.

Before Amanda can take anyone else out, Ruby show up out of nowhere to deal with the situation. Amanda manages to get away, but Ruby joins the group as they now attempt to stop Ash (who Ruby is convinced will be corrupted by the book until it is destroyed). They head back to the cabin and find Ash, and we learn that Ruby is a Knowby, the daughter of the professor that discovered the Necronomicon. It took nine episodes to get here, but the chemistry between Ash and Ruby is absolutely incredible. The knowledge that another season is on its way makes me super excited because I can’t wait to see more and more of these two characters interacting.

The rest of the episode drives directly into next week’s season finale, setting the events in motion that will bring an end to this first arc of the story. I don’t know exactly how I pictured the season ending, but I do know that it wasn’t at all like this. Surprisingly, though, I mean that in the best possible way. At every single twist and turn, I’ve been blown away at how well-constructed this series is, and I hope that it manages to continue for years to come.

What did you think of “Bound in the Flesh”? What are your expectations for next week’s season finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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