Archer 2.13 “Double Trouble” Review

Archer 2.13 “Double Trouble” Review“Double Trouble,” the final episode of Archer‘s second season, is a fantastic example of how great the show’s ensemble is. Each character’s contributions fit together like some sort of … wait, I had something for this. A big, hilarious Lego set. Nah, I’ll think of something better. Come back to me.

This week’s episode is a direct continuation of last week’s “White Nights.” Archer has brought back the beautiful former KGB agent Katya Kazanova, which has raised the suspicions of his coworkers at ISIS, especially given that Krieger’s top-secret project is nearing it’s finish. In an effort to kill Katya, the KGB implant cybernetics into a half-dead Barry Dillon and send him after the new couple.

As has become the norm for Archer, the episode offers up tidbits of background information on some of the characters. The characters are so brilliantly developed that you almost feel as if you’re getting to know them and not hit over the head with a “HEY THIS IS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT” hammer. We see Krieger’s awesome van, we learn that Pam has a very disturbing talent having to do with billiard balls and her mouth and we find that Gillette is a disgraced former minister.

When season three begins this fall (the same time as season seven of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), it’ll be interesting to see how Katya’s death (not cool, Barry) and the cancer scare shape Archer. Season two brought us two very brief glimpses into Archer’s non-awful side. Will he have more rage in season three?

Overall, season two of Archer was more focused, better written and funnier than season one. Pretty much all of the recurring jokes from last season returned (a personal favorite, “womp-womp,” returned this evening), new ones were added, we learned the background of each main character and did I mention that it was just plain funnier?

What did you guys think of this episode? Of this season? Any predictions for season three? The countdown to season two’s release on DVD begins … now.

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