Archer 2.02 “A Going Concern” Review

Archer 2.02 “A Going Concern” ReviewRemember when Arrested Development ended and the writers crammed as many running jokes as possible into the last few episodes of the final season, providing some of the best episodes in the series’ entire run? Tonight’s Archer was very much like that. For a show known for it’s joke repetition, it really outdid itself this evening.

After Mallory looses most of her money in a ponzi scheme, she tries to sell off ISIS to rival spy agency ODIN. Once Archer catches wind of this he and the office drones enact a plan to derail the sale.

Tonight also marked the return of Dr. Krieger, the perverse, drug addicted ISIS version of James Bond’s Q. Krieger is known for being constantly high or drunk on the job, inventing sex robots and dosing (and eventually overdosing) Danny the intern with a drug that changes one’s sexual orientation. Krieger played a pivotal role in getting ODIN head Len Trexler (played by Arrested Development‘s Jeffery Tambor) to fall out of love with Mallory and cancel the sale of ISIS. By pivotal role, I mean getting high of LSD and implanting a mind control chip into Trexler’s brain. Krieger is at his best when he’s at his most absurd.

Another one of the office drones who out-shined the rest was Pam, the heavy-set ISIS human resources director. She spent the entire episode with a joint in hand and braids in her hair, obviously having just returned from a trip to Jamaica. There were no overt references to her supposed trip and I hope there is an episode later this season that features a flashback to it. I would definitely like to see more of Blob Marley in action.

As always, the voice work really carried the episode. Show creator Adam Reed is known for having snappy, natural sounding dialogue in his shows in addition to a ridiculous amount of dialogue-based joke repetition. Well done, Reed. Here’s hoping that Mr. Ford makes an appearance. He seems to know what Americans really want.

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