Anthony Atamanuik’s Secret To Impersonating Trump is Revealed To Stephen Colbert

You’re going to be hearing the name Anthony Atamanuik a lot more in the not too distant feature.   It’s easy to know why.  He’s known as being the world’s best Donald Trump impersonator.  In fact he’s so good at it that Comedy Central gave him his own show called The President Show to see if they could replicate the success of Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live.  When you see Atamanuik do his impression of Donald Trump it’s not even close in comparison to Baldwin’s.   It’s 100 times better.

Personally I never really thought of Baldwin’s impression of Trump as being “great.”  It’s the fact that it’s Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump that makes it so alluring.  Everyone knows just how much Baldwin hates Trump and how annoyed Trump gets at the impression.  That’s at least 75% of the reason why it’s so funny.   But we’ll see if a more accurate representation of Trump gets better ratings.

Last night Atamanuik stopped by The Late Show to share his secrete to impersonating Trump.  Turns out it’s not as hard as you think.  He told Stephen Colbert that you have to channel your inner Shih-Tzu.

Check out the interview below:


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