AMC’s “Interview with the Vampire” Show Considerably Deviates from the Book

AMC’s “Interview with the Vampire” Show Considerably Deviates from the Book

Things have to change from time to time, but those changes are often fought against by those that exist in their comfort zone and don’t want to deal with the adjustments that change brings about. When talking about AMC’s approach to Interview with the Vampire it would appear that things are going to change in a positive manner so as to update the story and bring a decidedly more modern feel to the story. In order to find out how people really feel about the deviations that will be seen in AMC’s version though it might be best to try and gauge the reactions that will be seen coming from the most dedicated of Anne Rice’s fans since many of their voices were heard back when the movie was released, and it felt like a rather split decision between wanting to see Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt versus wanting to see something that was true to the book and would be a direct imagining of Rice’s original story. Many railed against the idea that the movie was what they were given, but some simply watched the story and enjoyed it for what it was.

The series that will be headed up by AMC will be given a 2-year deal apparently if all goes well, and where it might go from there is anyone’s guess since as it’s remembered by many, Queen of the Damned was a follow-up to Interview with the Vampire, and it was even worse when it came to telling the continued story. Louis is one of the big changes as the story will be looking for a black actor that can successfully play a 33-year old individual that will in actuality be well over a century old, as per the story. Also, this version of Louis won’t be a plantation owner but instead will own several brothels. It’s a big switch without any doubt, but one has to wonder what’s going to become of the rest of the original cast, especially Lestat and Claudia. It shouldn’t be much of an issue to recast several of the others that starred in the movie, but the main roles will no doubt be crucial to the series in terms of success and the ability to keep the audience watching.

Things have to change when it comes to movies and TV shows, that’s a given. When it comes to the overall ideas that were laid down in the first place, change is necessary at times in order to gain the interest of the audience and to keep it. It does feel that there will be plenty of Anne Rice fans holding their breath, waiting to see what happens, and waiting to see if these changes will do any good, or if they’ll bury the series before it even gets started. it’s pretty common to hear that many people are optimistic about the idea since very few are going to admit that there’s a risk of changing too much since they want the show to be a hit and to keep moving forward. But there is a risk, even if it’s a calculated one that might not be all that horrible.

It is interesting to see what might happen if the series is a hit, since keeping the story going might be a desire and it might even happen that it will become the new vampire series that people are bound to talk about and want to see more of in the coming months and even years. It does help if one is a fan of Anne Rice and her creation but it’s also an intriguing story that might be worth a look to pretty much anyone that happens to harbor even a small interest in vampire stories. How many changes will be seen in the show is kind of hard to say but for those that have seen the movie and read the books it’s pretty accurate to state that they’ll be able to see the deviations from the main story without any trouble. How they’ll react is up in the air at the moment.

It’s been a while since anyone has seen anything to do with Interview with the Vampire and as such it’s bound to happen that many people will be watching closely to see how this series will play out. When all is said and done it’s bound to attract a pretty impressive number of viewers since the story is one that has enjoyed a rather big fanbase over the years and many people are still willing to enter into discussion about the ins and outs of the source material. Expect people to be sounding off about this one, since the chatter that went on concerning this movie years ago is bound to start up again once the series debuts on AMC.

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