Ally McBeal Turns 20: Top Five Moments of All-Time

Ally McBeal Turns 20: Top Five Moments of All-Time

I can still remember the first time the idea of a unisex bathroom was introduced during the show. It might not seem so crazy now, but 20 years ago, it was practically taboo. And that’s exactly what Ally McBeal brought to network TV: a lot of fierceness, a lot of smarts, and a lot of plenty else. Ally McBeal gave us some of the most memorable characters on television (e.g. the formidable Ling Woo), and arguably, it also featured the best cast to ever get together for a show. We had Calista Flockhart, Lucy Liu, Portia de Rossi, Greg Germann, Jane Krakowski, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Peter MacNicol, and even James Marsden and Robert Downey Jr. While we’re reminiscing about the last 20 years, we’ve listed our favorite Ally McBeal moments for you to get nostalgic about.

1. When The Dancing Baby First Danced In 1998, Ally introduced us to the dancing baby aka Baby Cha Cha aka Oogachaka Baby.


We first caught sight of this transparency on the 12th episode “Cro-Magnon” and it was supposed to reflect Ally’s anxiety about her ticking biological clock. The dancing baby became an instant sensation and became a regular in the show, but seeing this baby for the first time was a true Ally McBeal experience.

2. When John Became a Mariachi


We didn’t see John for a while in season 5 after Ally turned him down in the first episode. Being that John and Ally are best friends, it seemed that he understood when Ally said no to his proposed date. However, when he found out later on that Ally is actually crushing on Glenn Foy, a new associate, John was devastated and disappears for 4 episodes. He comes back for a few episodes then leaves again with the idea that he’s going to Mexico. The next time we see him he’s donning a mariachi outfit complete with maracas and all, and he’s singing along with a real mariachi band. It was hilarious as anything could be, and only John could’ve pulled it off.

3. When Ally Sniffed Bon Jovi’s Behind


It seemed like just another normal episode, as we saw Ally and Elaine walking. They saw a group of construction workers, one in particular who happened to be Bon Jovi or as his character Victor, and Elaine exclaimed how hot he was. So naturally Ally told her friend to get a hold of herself and as soon as they walk further, we were given a glimpse of a flashback of what must’ve been from Ally’s childhood. We saw young Ally sniffing a boy’s behind. Fast-forward to the current scene, and Ally continued walking on, but instead of heading on with Elaine, she walked right up to Victor’s butt as he was bent over. And then she sniffed it.

4. That Barry White Scene

Three grown men dancing to Barry White in a restroom–that’s all that needs to be said about this scene. Maybe you can include the fact that you’ve got Taye Diggs and Robert Downey Jr. going along with the craziness that is Peter MacNicol’s character John. Shortly after Ally walked in on the boys, amused but not surprised, we saw some finger dancing that just puts this scene over the top awesome.

5. When Sting Was There

We would’ve been ecstatic just watching Robert Downey Jr. singing Police’s Every Breath You Take for Ally’s birthday. But the man stepped it up and brought in the real deal for her.How romantic. Of course, Ally loved it, and so did the rest of the gang; it got us going too.

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