All You’d Love To Know About ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ Star Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Credit: Fleishman Is in Trouble

Jesse Eisenberg is one of the biggest stars today and this is mainly because of his stellar performances in hit films and shows. We’ve seen him in Now You See Me, Batman v Superman, Modern Family, and the most recent mega-hit, Fleishman Is in Trouble. I could honestly go on and on about how amazing this talented man is, but he’s not the one in the spotlight today.

It’s his beautiful Wife! I’m so sure many of you don’t know much about her, and that’s because of how low-key she is. Judging from Jesse’s personality, it just makes sense that he would fall for someone so down to earth and not a chaser of clout and fame. Wait, wait, do you even know the name of the keeper of his heart? Well, if you don’t, I gotcha.

The many questions running through my mind were, how did Jesse meet the love of his life? When did they even get married? How many beautiful babies do they have so far? Here are all the answers to those questions, dear readers.

Credit: Fleishman Is in Trouble

Who Is Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife?

Honestly, any girl out there would be lucky to be adored by Jesse, and I just found out that Jesse was hella lucky to be loved back by the dazzling Anna Strout.

They started dating way back in 2002, according to the Celeb Suburb. I definitely saw this coming. Of course, Jesse is the one woman of my dreams for a lifetime kinda guy. I just can’t see him moving from one woman to another, which is incredibly sweet.

I’ll admit, they did hit a bump back in 2012, but you know, the heart does want what it wants, and Jesse’s wanted Anna. So in 2015, they reconciled, probably regretting the three years they spent apart, and two years down the line, Jesse and Anna Strout said, “I do.”

Their love story couldn’t be sweeter. They currently have only one son, Banner.

Credit: Now You See Me

Anna Strout Has Had A Pretty Impressive Career

Well, you’d think that just because she keeps her life on the down low that the beautiful star won’t have a lot going on. It’s actually quite the opposite. Silent waters run the deepest, guys.

Anna Strout was a lot of experience in the entertainment industry, just like Jesse. Anna has worked as a crew member on a couple of films dating back to the 2000s. To add to how amazing she is, she even produced a short film, “Light on a Path, Follow.”

She had a pretty impressive start to her career, and you might be wondering why her activity decreased so much over the years. Well, if you didn’t already love her, this will make you not only love but adore her. Anna reduced her time in the famous halls of Hollywood to dedicate her time to helping those in need. A perfect role model for all those who are privileged.

Anna is one of the most dedicated volunteers at the Middle Way House. It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. All these were possible through her mother, who introduced her to the organization. I could go on and on about how what she’s doing means so much.

More About Jesse’s Lovely Wife, Anna

When I told you lowkey, I meant really lowkey. Just like Jesse Eisenberg, Anna also doesn’t have any public social media accounts. When she’s not at the Middle Way House, she teaches at a different nonprofit organization based in New York City.

Credit: Now You See Me

The Mrs. Can cook! Pretty well, if I may add, and she also has this amazing sense of humor. Of course, knowing how amazing she is, Anna wouldn’t give in so easily to a boy named Jesse back in 2002. Jesse revealed that he pursued Anna for a whole year and a half before she decided to give him a chance.

“I went through the 12 stages of Hercules before I could get her to date me,” he joked. For Anna, you better win those stages, Jesse!

A perfect love story for the two perfect people, don’t you think? The Fleishman Is in Trouble star, and his badass activist wife is my couple of the year.

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