10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alex Desert

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alex Desert

Alex Desert is one of those guys who is all over the place with his roles and his talent. He’s been in everything from “Boy Meets World,” to “The Flash,” to “Grey’s Anatomy,” and he’s been chosen to take over a very iconic role in a show that’s been on the air longer than today’s college students have even been alive. He’s the new voice behind the voice of Carl on “The Simpsons,” and people are dying over the new role. It’s a big one. The show has been on the air for 31 years, and it’s weird when someone is different all of a sudden, but we think it works. We also think it’s time we get to know more about Alex Desert. Or Carl, as he will probably be known for from now on.

1. He’s Worked with the Best

When we tell you that this man has worked with some of the best people in the business, we are not kidding. He’s worked with the iconic Ted Danson. He’s worked with Sarah Silverman, Tyler Perry, Jeremy Piven, David Spade, and that’s just a few of the many famous people he’s worked with over the years. He’s someone everyone knows, and he knows everyone in return.

2. He’s in His 50s

He’s a man who is in his 50s, but he’s not someone who looks like it. He is a summer baby, born on July 18, 1968. He’s been acting since 1981, which means he wasn’t even an adult when he got his first job as an actor. That’s pretty impressive.

3. He’s Got Voice Acting History

Being the voice of Carl is not something that is new for him. He’s lent his voice to many characters over the years. He’s been Nick Fury in the “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” and many others. He’s been everywhere. He has one of those voices that’s just so clear and powerful. Replacing someone as famous and as amazing as Hank Azaria is just a big deal.

4. He’s in A Band

You don’t get much cooler than being in a band. We aren’t even sure it matters if you’re good or not as long as you’re in a bona fide band. It’s a cool job. He’s in a band called Hepcat, which is part of the ska/reggae genre. He and his band have been on tour, and that’s an awesome situation. We love it, and we are so impressed by the fact that they toured with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

5. He’s Doing Well

Rumor has it that he’s been making a killing in his business. He’s got a net worth of approximately $2 million. That means he’s been doing well, working hard, and taking his time to make the right choices with his roles and the jobs offered to him.

6. Hank Azaria Stepped Down from the Role

If we are understanding this correctly, Azaria has made the decision, along with the people who created the Simpsons, to stop his work voicing any character who is not a white character. The reason that the show hired Alex Desert is because the character is black and they feel that they should not hire people who are not black to voice the characters who are.

7. He’s a Snake

And, your kids probably know just who he is. He played the role of a snake, Same the Snake or Serpent Sam, on the hit Disney series, “Doc McStuffins,” back in 2014. We will be very honest with you and tell you that as the mom of four small kids, I know this episode and have watched it more that a few times. So, excuse us for being very excited when we realize we know the voice of someone from one of the cutest shows on television.

8. He Was in Scandal

What we wouldn’t give for that show to be back on the air. To be fair, we only really loved it for the first three seasons. The rest kind of fell off the crazy train for us afterward, but they were still entertaining. We still watched. He was Bill Warren from 2011 to 2014. What a cool role.

9. He’s Private

This is a man who has been in the public eye for more years than we can even count, and yet he manages to maintain his privacy. We admire that so much when people are able to make that work. it’s hard to maintain a level of privacy when you’re famous.

10. His Band Performed on National Television

They got to do something really cool when they performed on national television. They performed on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” which is not a small role. It’s a big one that they will undoubtedly take with them for the rest of their lives.

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