Admit It, This Fierce Femmes Clip is Amazing, and Funny

Admit It, This Fierce Femmes Clip is Amazing, and Funny

Admit It, This Fierce Femmes Clip is Amazing, and Funny

As just a fun and engaging video this clip works on so many levels since the performances of the women is something that’s absolutely amazing as well as fun to watch. Their initial back and forth on the two violins and cello are amusing since they appear to attempt to one-up each other, only for the piano player to chime in playfully as though to say “I’m here too”. The back and forth that results after this is great since not only is the music surprising and even a little unorthodox, the manner in which the instruments are being used is just as much so considering that I’ll admit to never having watched a violin being plucked by hand like a banjo or a guitar. But when the piano player starts playing behind her back, with one leg draped over an arm, and then lying down and backward one can’t help wonder just how long it took for each woman to practice these types of methods in order to get this good at them. It’s very easy to think that some people are just naturally skilled and have enough spatial awareness to do this without that much training, but in this case, it’s easier to think that the women were able to accomplish this after a great deal of practice and likely a lot of frustration.

Even being able to play an instrument would be nice since those that can play could easily attest to needing hours upon hours of practice so that they can create the type of music that sounds like something other than the discordant twanging and utterance of harsh notes that come from those that still have a long ways to go. Picking up an instrument and just playing without any prior training isn’t unheard of, but it’s extremely rare since like it or not, one has to build up to the skill level that would allow for this kind of performance, and the hardened fingers that come from plucking strings are hard-won by many musicians since if one has ever strummed a guitar or even held a tightened metal cord in place they’ll know that it can wear on the skin and create blisters after a while. Learning to play an instrument often requires a great deal of sacrifice in terms of how much time is willing to put into it and what kind of harm they’re willing to do to their fingers, which toughen up after a while thankfully. It does feel as though a few instructors might cringe at how the instruments are being handled, but they might also be impressed as well, it’s hard to say.

One thing about any musical instrument is that it’s just that, an instrument. It can be your life, your reason for playing the music, whatever a person wants to say about it, but at the end of the day, it’s an instrument, a musician’s way of expressing their love for the music in a way that allows others to listen to what a person wants them to hear. But when it starts getting tricky like this that’s when a person knows that the people making the music are having fun with it in a big way and want to incorporate that feeling with the music, as well as probably impress the people that are watching. Some folks might really be impressed since the dexterity and talent needed to be confident in this type of performance is amazing, but the execution is great enough that one can’t help but smile and possibly go along with it all the way to the end since the performative aspect of this video is just as playful as the music and the women get into quite easily. If a person was walking into this performance with any prior knowledge of what was going on they might think that each woman is attempting to upstage each other, but it’s very easy to understand that they’re playing in a manner that appears less than agreeable, but they do it so well that one can’t help but wonder how long it took them to get the movements and the feel of the performance down well enough to be able to deliver it in such an impressive way.

There are definitely some folks out there that would probably look at this and think that it’s not that great, that aside from the manner in which the ladies play the instruments, it’s not much to look at. But like always, to each their own, since this is a performance that carries more than some folks are willing to see, and while some folks might be wondering just why they’re still watching, others will no doubt be glad they made it through to the end. Seriously, it’s that impressive.

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