Adam Sandler Reveals His Kids Don’t Like his Movies Too Much

Adam Sandler Reveals His Kids Don’t Like his Movies Too Much

Adam Sandler Reveals His Kids Don’t Like his Movies Too Much

Let’s get something straight about Adam Sandler right off the bat.  I think he’s one of the best comedians of the past 30 years and it’s not even close.   But I certainly am not ashamed to say I haven’t liked virtually anything he’s done movie wise in at least 10-15 years.   He’ll never match his Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore days.  This much we know.  But I don’t think that the quality he had in Big Daddy and The Wedding Singer isn’t too far out of reach.  Apparently it is.  But who cares?  The guy is taken care of for the rest of his life by Netflix and has zero worries in the world right now.  Actually, that’s not true.

Sandler stopped by The Ellen show to talk about his days with SNL, returning to stand up, and his upcoming film Sandy Wexler (which I’m avoiding like the plague).   While speaking with Ellen, Sandler had a funny admission about his own kids.  Turns out they don’t really like his movies all that much.

“They can’t possibly watch any of your movies,” Degeneres asked. “Because your movies are very R-rated.” “Well, you know it’s funny, some are okay, like some are PG-13 ish, so like I’ll put them on because they beg to see them,” he admitted. “They’re like, ‘Please, it’s not fair. Let me watch your movies. Those people always yell things at you on the street, and I don’t know what the heck they’re talking about!’”

“So I show them the movies. They demand this,” he continued. “And every time, I’d say about 20 minutes in, and then I see them tuning out, and then I hear them. They’re nervous to say it, but they’re like, ‘Can we watch something else?’”

Check out the whole clip below and why the hell was he wearing a suit?  Trying to be like Louis C.K.?


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