Adam Devine and James Corden Create Parody Audition Tape For “The Amazing Race”

Adam Devine and James Corden Create Parody Audition Tape For “The Amazing Race”

Adam Devine and James Corden have created a parody audition for The Amazing Race. If the show was looking for the most awkward, slow-moving partners that had no chance in lasting even the first leg of the race they’d be a sure bet to be picked. Of course they could be picked just as a side show for the other participants to look at and be puzzled about. But of course the parody is all a matter of showing how really funny these two guys are. The actual race is something that Devine might be able to accomplish but it doesn’t really seem like Corden would be all that apt to give it a try.

The guy is funny but he doesn’t really cut the figure of an athlete that would be up for some of the physical challenges that might be met along the way. He would make it interesting though since he’d likely be telling jokes the entire trip, at least until he and his partner were eliminated if they fell behind. Somehow no matter what James Corden does, whether it’s a parody or just another sketch, it always become funny. His sense of humor is off the charts in some cases and entirely on point when he wants it to be. His show is one of the most popular on TV for a good reason and is bound to stay that way so long as he can keep up the parodies and keep finding guests that will accommodate him in terms of making these parodies work that much more. Adam Devine is a funny guy but he’s not quite the same level of funny as Corden. He’s a pretty decent actor so it’s easy to see why he’s so popular right now, but he has done a movie or two that hasn’t helped his career all that much.

In keeping with the parodies, how great would it be to see James Corden and Adam Devine do a parody of Game Over Man? The Netflix film starring Devine and a couple of costars proved to be a truly awful film that was essentially a stoner’s version of Die Hard without any real redeeming value. As a spoof though it seems like it might be great since it would grant the kind of response that the film really deserved and make it a little easier to take. Devine isn’t a bad actor, but this was a rather bad film that didn’t have much in the way originality or any real development. Spoofing it on Corden’s show would be quite awesome to see since it can be imagined what would be done with it and how it would be presented.

The Amazing Race, which has been going for 30 seasons now, is a nice light spoof that doesn’t so much make fun of the show as it does give a nice goose and show people the lighter side of the program. Spoofing Game Over Man would just be a delight since it would show people just how ridiculous it really was.

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