Five Actresses Who Should Play Olivia Jade Giannulli in a Biopic

Five Actresses Who Should Play Olivia Jade Giannulli in a Biopic

Five Actresses Who Should Play Olivia Jade Giannulli in a Biopic

So do you call her a cheater, a liar, a hypocrite, or a young woman that was caught up in something that she just didn’t fully understand? Choices, choices, choices. If you don’t agree with the cynicism then you missed out when Olivia Jade Giannulli actually admitted that she doesn’t care about school. If you want the proof of this go see Jackie Salo’s article on Page Six and don’t be too surprised when your eyes narrow or widen at the gall of this young woman. Even better is the fact that Olivia seems to cast blame upon her parents for all of this and, if you can believe it, ruining her life at the same time as she seems to claim in an article by Leah Carroll from Refinery 29. There’s even a rumor at this point that Olivia could face jail time along with her parents for this scandal since it seems to be implied that she knew something about the payoff and thereby could be held responsible. It does seem that she’s trying hard to play the victim in all of this since her business as an influencer could possibly take a big hit considering that an education scandal is something that many people don’t take lightly.

In the likely biopic though it would almost be certain that whoever played Olivia might have to walk carefully with the role.

5. AnnaSophia Robb

With a lot of these young women that are selected for this list it has largely to do with their resemblance to Olivia since she has a very recognizable face thanks to the fact that she looks like her mother. But with Robb it does seem as though the acting talent would pan out even if the looks would have to be taken as they are and not judged too harshly. While she is a very good-looking young woman just like Olivia the roundness of Olivia’s cheekbones are kind of hard to emulate and find in anyone else while searching for the rest of her distinctive features that might make this part work.

4. Bailee Madison

Again it’s all about the appearance but this time Bailee actually seems to have a slightly rounder face and is able to pull off the look just a bit more, especially if she, along with the others on this list, was to alter her appearance just enough to make it work. There’s nothing to say that any of them couldn’t possibly fulfill the role when it comes to the mannerisms and the overall character of Olivia, but it does seem interesting as to who might actually want to take on this role knowing that Olivia and her mother would likely be watching. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone saw a representation of themselves in a movie though.

3. Chloe Grace Moretz

Here’s where the attitude comes in. If you’ve ever listened to any of Olivia’s videos then you know she does have a bit of an attitude to her. For instance, take a listen to this clip from HollywoodLife in which Olivia does seem to be worried about her parents and her possible future. Chloe could play the media influencer pretty well since she’s not only possessed of the kind of attitude that Oliva seems to have in droves, but is also able to put on a concerned and compassionate face as it seems Olivia tries to do. Yes, picking on a young celebrity is indeed quite mean, but in this case the young woman in question kind of brought it on herself.

2. Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee’s career has been on a huge upswing lately with her starring role in Bumblebee and it would seem that she’s poised to take on pretty much whatever she wants. This role might be interesting to see her in largely because it seems as though it would stretch her talents back to something that’s akin to Edge of Seventeen. It’s not quite the same obviously but it does seem to have enough drama and controversy to it that Hailee would find it familiar and be able to put her best foot forward while nailing the role out of the park. Honestly she would probably be the first pick if not for her appearance and the fact that she and Olivia don’t look alike.

1. Elle Fanning

Elle and her sister have been going back and forth in terms of who’s the most popular for a while now and Elle has definitely gained a lot of ground on Dakota throughout the years but still seems to need the roles that will pull in the audience and get her noticed even more. So far she’s done wonderfully in her career, but to get noticed even further it might be nice to see her as someone that people are at this time kind of divided on when it comes to whether she’s a victim or just another spoiled rich girl.

It’s very easy to be opinionated when it comes to education and it’s abuse.

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