Five Actors Who Should Play Chuck Berry in a Biopic

Legends are bound to be remembered, and Chuck Berry is one among many that deserves that distinction. Just as it’s been with a lot of different celebrities and musicians, you can expect that one of these days we’re going to see a movie based on his life. Whether it’s entirely real or not shouldn’t really be the focus, but whether or not it shows the life of this individual as it went, not as we would want to see it, is kind of important. There have been a lot of biopics that have come out over the years that have made people foam at the mouth, metaphorically-speaking, because one thing or another was added in or left out that didn’t really happen or didn’t happen in the way the director showed. The point though is that honoring individuals such as Berry is important since during their lives they gave so much to the public that showcasing them in such a manner is one of the best ways to keep their memory alive.

Here are a few men that might be able to really make such a biopic work.

5. Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon has been in a few movies throughout his career and his act has been great enough to give him some consideration for this role since he can be serious or animated and there’s a good amount of overlap between the two. Plus, his appearance does seem to help in stating that he could be a little more successful in this role than others. In the end it would come down to who can represent Berry in the most effective way, but at the same time it needs to be someone that’s able to show a good amount of life while on screen and can have a good time while they’re doing it.

4. Michael Ealy

As of now it would seem that Michael Ealy might be seeing a surge in his career since he’s been seen and mentioned a little more than previous years. But given that he’s someone you typically see in roles that have him playing a somber, somewhat serious individual it’d be a stretch to see him in a role such as this. He does have the skill needed to make this work, but at the same time seeing him in such a manner would be kind of interesting since it would seem that he might need to perk up just a bit in order to really make this work. But on the strength of his character alone he does seem like a likely candidate.

3. Giancarlo Esposito

If the movie were to need a few different actors throughout the life of Berry then Giancarlo would be the perfect man for his later years since he does have the right look and he does have a lot of acting clout that would make this possible. To say he’s a great actor is kind of an understatement, but to say that he’s been utilized in a less than efficient manner at times is easy to say. It’s true that he has managed to snag a few very great roles and this is a big reason why he’s such a well-known actor. But for this movie he might need to play a slightly older Chuck Berry if only because he’s not as young as he used to be.

2. Shad Moss

This might seem like an odd choice for such a figure as Berry but bear with me. Shad Moss hasn’t really been given a great chance to show what he can do as an adult while he did manage to do a bit as a kid. But the young man known as Bow Wow at one point does have kind of the right look and he does have enough talent to make this work. Plus, he has a lot of personality that could balance out whatever he might be lacking. One thing that anyone has to remember is that Chuck Berry did have a lot of personality. This is something that would need to come through in the movie and it seems that Shad could do this quite easily.

1. Donald Glover

At this point in his career it’s a wonder what Donald couldn’t do since so many people have so much faith in him. It’s very true that he’s a great actor and he is a very talented person, but even in a case like this it would seem that he might be forced to stretch his talents just a bit. That being the case though the hopes are pretty high that he’d be able to do this. There’s a lot of faith in Glover and his talents, so even if producers don’t read lists like this they’d be wise to take such an idea into account.

This could be a fun and very interesting movie.

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