A New, Crazy Fan Theory Has Emerged from Cobra Kai Season 4 Images

A New, Crazy Fan Theory Has Emerged from Cobra Kai Season 4 Images

It’s easy to give fans credit for the theories they come up with, but when speaking about crazy theories this one that has just come up isn’t exactly wild and out of left field, but is something that might have been covered by an errant plot point or been forgotten a while back, since the idea of Sid dying isn’t too hard to believe, but thinking that Sid would show that he actually cared for Johnny by leaving him anything would be a little out of character to be certain. Through the flashbacks and the current dealings between Sid and Johnny it’s been made pretty clear that they don’t like each other and want nothing to do with one another. But to think that Sid might leave his fortune to Johnny is, interesting. But if Johnny did buy a nice big home for Miguel and his mom, and move in with them, the idea that it would create a bigger wedge between himself and Robbie is a pretty good guess. Thinking that this is all going to be solved by season 4’s end isn’t unreasonable, but it’s also likely that something will come along that will make this theory less than plausible.

Just to be different, or at least on track with part of the fanbase, it wouldn’t feel right if everything was ironed out in such a neat fashion. There’s almost always something else that needs to be done and some other issue that opens up at the end of a season, so why should this one be any different? Eventually Cobra Kai will have to end since the story will run its course, but it does feel as though the creators might have another season or two in them, hopefully. The only thing to wonder about now is how far are things going to go before the original characters are well past the original storyline? It’s already been established that Johnny was down and out and came back, and then Kreese stepped in and ruined everything. Daniel’s family was hitting the skids, but now they’re united again, so to be certain, after the All-Valley Tournament, it has to be wondered what will come next.

As of right now, everyone is focused on the tournament and what will happen. What they’re also focused on is the return of Terry Silver, who was a huge problem in the third movie even if the third movie wasn’t considered to be that great. But Terry Silver still came off looking like one of the greatest villains to ever hit the screen anyway, and people are excited to see what he’ll do when he returns in season 4. While the theories are coming in without cease, people already have their own set of expectations as they look forward to the ultimate showdown between Cobra Kai and Miyago-Do, if that’s the singular name that will be chosen. It stands to reason that while they train together, the independent streak that Johnny has might still present itself at some point since he might realize that he wants to beat Kreese badly enough that he’ll gladly ask or force Daniel to step aside in order to get his revenge.

The thing is that while Sid is a part of Johnny’s life, and he was a significant part to tell the truth, his death might throw a wrench into things for a brief moment unless the writer’s create a scenario in which Johnny realizes he really did appreciate Sid, even if he couldn’t show it all the time. This theory is predicting that Johnny and a few others are going to catch a big dose of the feels at some point and to be fair, it sounds like a redemptive arc, but it also sounds like it would come at the wrong time, which means of course, the writers will possibly give it serious thought. It’s a big hope that if Sid doesn’t make it through the season that he’ll pass at some point before the tournament, before crunch time, when Johnny will have more time to process the loss. But of course, Murphy’s Law usually steps in and makes itself known in the form of the writers since conflict tends to breed a great story. Much as I hate to admit it, this fan might actually be onto something.

Season 4 is going to be an event that people are already chomping at the bit for since not only did season 3 end with a fight between Johnny, Kreese, and Daniel, it showed that the stakes have just been raised, and that one way or another, one side is going to be taking their dojo and picking up stakes. The feud isn’t bound to end, but it’s very likely that fans might be genuinely surprised at what happens when it’s all said and done.

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