The Five Spinoffs That the Cobra Kai Creators May Pursue

The Five Spinoffs That the Cobra Kai Creators May Pursue

The Five Spinoffs That the Cobra Kai Creators May Pursue

Right at the moment, the whole idea of the spinoffs that Cobra Kai might inspire is kind of frustrating since no one knows what they might be, no matter that so many people are willing to mention it. In this article at least we’re willing to take a stab at the characters that might be worth bringing back since we haven’t seen them yet. It’s likely that a couple of them might be seen in the next season of the show since season 2 ended with Ali Mills’ name being seen on Johnny’s phone, and the thought is that we might see Chozen from Karate Kid 2 schooling Daniel in the trailer that’s already dropped. But it’d be great to know what happened to a lot of other characters that have come and gone throughout the course of the Karate Kid’s fame since their life stories could be made into something interesting given that they had a lot to do with the overall story. With the loss of Pat Morita, it’s fair to say that the directions in which to travel have been a bit limited, but since it’s always expected that actors that have been around for so long might not make it to the next chapter in a favorite story, it’s also nice to know that those that are still around can continue to expand the story as is needed.

Here are a few individuals that might be able to help with the spinoffs that the creators of Cobra Kai are thinking about.

5. Chozen and Sato

Sadly, we likely won’t get to see any of Sato unless it’s flashbacks since Danny Kamekona passed away in 1996, but Yuji Okumoto is still around and the feeling is that we’re going to get to see him as Chozen in the upcoming season. How he and Daniel are going to reconcile has yet to be seen fully, but considering that Chozen felt dishonored by Daniel it’s likely that they won’t be friends at first. Hopefully, Chozen is older, wiser, and learned from his mistakes to become a better person. But it would be worth it to see a spinoff of his life and how he might have regained his sense of honor.

4. Julie Pierce

Does anyone remember The Next Karate Kid? Or did it just kind of up and blow away in the wind once all was said and done? It does feel that way since at the very least this movie was kind of a pale imitation of the first three movies, even the third one which was kind of a flop to be certain. But with the number of characters that are attached to the Karate Kid story, it’s likely that Daniel could use all the help he could get, and it’s interesting to think of what might happen since Mr. Miyagi touched a few lives in his time and it would be great to see if Hillary Swank would come back for the role.

3. Terry Silver

As memorable as the third movie really wasn’t for a lot of people, Terry Silver was still a next-level bad guy that kind of put John Kreese to shame when it came to how devious he could be. Kreese is more of a batting ram, where Silver was the Trojan horse really since he managed to get inside Daniel’s head and almost turn him against Mr. Miyagi. Once it was established what the real game plan was though Mr. Miyagi came to the rescue and made it clear that Kreese and Silver weren’t nearly as bad as they thought they were, as he took them both out without much effort. But seeing him come back now that Kreese is back in control would be interesting.

2. Mike Barnes

He was about as generic of a villain as could be found for the movies and the fact that he was dropped with what amounts to traditional karate is kind of hard to swallow since he was going MMA on Daniel and somehow got taken out with a single tag at the end. Much as Daniel is the hero and is supposed to win, that last fight didn’t really feel like it was as hard-won as it could be since all of a sudden Mike was confused and thrown off his game a Daniel was going through the movements. Some might say that the effect worked, but for a hard as nails fighter, this should have been the perfect opportunity.

1. Ali Mills

It does feel as though we might be seeing her in the next season, or at least hear mention of her, since she’s been kind of a topic since the first season, in a way. But her story might be one that is a less than worthy spinoff unless karate became a part of her life as well. Still, it would be great to know what happened to Ali and where she went, and what she did after leaving Daniel.

Those are our guesses at least, we’ll see what happens.

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