A Minecraft Movie Starring Jason Momoa? How Will It Work?

A Minecraft Movie Starring Jason Momoa? How Will It Work?

A Minecraft Movie Starring Jason Momoa? How Will It Work?

If you’re a fan of the famous Minecraft video game series, then get ready for the movie. That’s right, a movie about this gaming series is in the works with two catches: the first is that it will be live-action, which is honestly confusing to me. And as for the other catch, it has to do with who will be the lead. It will probably be the last actor you would expect, but this is the man Warner Bros. is going with, which isn’t really a bad thing. The actor who will be helming this live-action Minecraft movie will be Jason Momoa. Wait, so first he was Khal Drogo, then Aquaman, and now he’ll be starring in a video game movie adaptation for Minecraft? Holy smokes, this guy is really building up quite a colorful resume. Understandably so, considering he’s, you know, Jason Momoa.

I really have to wonder how one of the manliest men in Hollywood lands a leading role in a movie about Minecraft. You would expect a guy like him to play something in the lane of Marcus Fenix or Kratos. Basically, he has the looks and the physicality to play a more intimidating character of that sorts. So how does he fit into a movie for Minecraft? In fact, what the heck is Minecraft even about? I think the easiest answer to that question is just about everything.

Now I’m going to confess that I never really got into Minecraft like thousands of other people have. Several of the people who I have to who have played it seemed to enjoy it, but personally, I never got hooked. Is it a bad game? Evidently not, considering how well it has sold over the years. But for me, if I had to pick a popular video game franchise that I believe is overrated, then Minecraft would be on that list.

Yeah, I know I’m bound to have tick off many Minecraft fans, but hey, it’s just my opinion. Respect to anyone who loves it, because I can understand the appreciation for it. I’ve always thought of Minecraft as another Lego game. The whole purpose of the game is to literally use building blocks to create big constructs. This includes a house, from a castle, to a whole world that you can make your own. It’s an interesting premise on paper and yes, it can get addicting.

So how do you win in Minecraft? The bottom line is that you really don’t. Maybe I just haven’t played it long enough, but to me, the whole goal was to always just build. It just sounds like one of those games that is supposed to get old very fast, but you just can’t help but keep building. At least to me, it doesn’t sound very fun, but there’s something about it that just makes you want to keep playing. Hey, I guess some gamers just like passing the time by building their own worlds. Just remember, it’s all made of blocks.

With all of this in mind, it should make you wonder how a movie for this should work. When I first read the headline for this news, I instantly thought of animation. For a game like Minecraft, that would seem like the ideal move. However, it looks like Warner Bros. is opting to make this a live-action movie. But why? No, really, I’d like to know how this could possibly work. Minecraft is all about creativity and the structure of the worlds you can build, which only works with animation. Can you imagine the same thing being done in live-action form? I honestly don’t think I can, but apparently Warner Bros. thinks differently.

When I think about how they want to pursue this, I believe they’re considering the success of the Sonic movies. They are live-action combined with some very convincing animation. This is by far not the first time Hollywood has done this with its video game movies. Sonic is a good example, but it’s not the only one. From the Lego movie, to Free guy, the animation was blended well with the animation. I picture it as Jason Momoa doing his thing and at some point, we see him in a world developed for Minecraft and he’ll be in block form.

If you love just looking at Jason Momoa, imagine seeing him as a block figure. It sounds odd, but it does sound like something they can play with. If you think Minecraft is all about building things, think again. There is some action in these games, which includes you smacking some creatures with handheld weapons. This includes a sword and using it to mow down various monsters. And again, they’re all in block form. You can fight monsters with big mouths and teeth or big bugs. Either way, the action isn’t very exciting, but it is quick and easy.

Minecraft action is probably like this so you can go right back to building your houses. Now just imagine trying to carry this action over into a movie. Just picture Jason Momoa in his Minecraft block form and using a sword made of blocks to kill other block-shaped monsters. I just pictured that whole scenario in my head as I was typing it. It does sounds odd, but this movie will have to go that far in order to stand out. But how can it turn into a whole plot to be a live-action movie? I don’t know, but I can imagine it will have Jason Momoa building a whole world that is massive and colorful. And at the same time, he’ll have to use block-shaped weapons in order to fight some monsters.

This was some curious news to hear, but despite my lack of interest in Minecraft, I’ll still watch this. Hey, I’ll watch anything with Jason Momoa, no matter what it is. I want to learn more about his movie, but it’ll have to go big in order to get me excited. And who knows? Maybe this will get me playing Minecraft again and appreciate it more, but I’ll have to watch it first.Jason Momoa

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