A “Frogger” Game Show Inspired by the Video Game Happening at Peacock

A “Frogger” Game Show Inspired by the Video Game Happening at Peacock

There are video game adaptations that make sense, and there are those that don’t. So far the idea for a game show that’s inspired by Frogger makes a lot more sense than a lot of those that have already come and gone, at least from a certain standpoint. Peacock is reportedly going to be bringing a game based on the popular arcade turned console game to its site and to be realistic it sounds like it could be a lot of fun and even challenging depending on which way the developers go with it. Likely as not the mention of how it’s ‘inspired’ by the game of Frogger means that it could be a loose interpretation, but hopefully it will stay mostly faithful to the game since it already sounds like a great idea if it could be worked in a way that keeps the contestants guessing as to where they need to go and gauge how much time they have to move from spot to spot. Obviously the game won’t take place on a highway overlooking a river, but the actual playing field could be something like a cross between American Gladiators and Wipeout and there are a lot of fans that would absolutely love it.

Just thinking about people getting bashed from one side of a stage to another by cushioned obstacles or having to figure out various puzzles and challenges in a certain amount of time already elicits a smile since in the spirit of Frogger it does feel as though this could be truly representative of the game and it could be something that people might audition for in droves. Seeing how there will be a cash prize involved, the amount hasn’t been disclosed at this point, it’s very likely that a lot of people would try to audition and get the chance to win that final prize. What also feels evident is that there’s bound to be a strenuous audition process that will likely weed out a lot of people and hopefully be as fair as possible since unless the obstacles that are being devised are bound to be that difficult, it’s likely that a lot of people should be able to fit what’s desired for the game. It’d be wise to make it that way just to be certain obviously, since inclusion is a big deal at this time, and excluding anyone is bound to be a little upsetting and make headlines now and again.

The adaptation of video games into TV shows and movies has been a very uncertain thing over the years since despite the fact that they should be easy enough to adapt, not every video game has been given the kind of treatment that has allowed fans to enjoy them without some serious reservations.  A lot of the time it has to do with the fact that the story behind a game if there is one, can be taken in many different ways, and this tends to be all a director needs to switch something up and change the whole idea of the game. There are also games that don’t have a story but have been adapted into a movie anyway, such as Battleship and the upcoming Uno movie. Yes, you read that right. The fact that people are looking in many different areas for ideas is great since it creates the belief that pretty much anything can be made into a story, which is true. But until one sees the purpose behind it and the reasoning that each person uses in their example it’s hard to see. Frogger is a pretty easy idea to get behind for a video game, especially considering that if the game show is anything like the game it stands to be a lot of fun for those that are involved. Whether it will be called Frogger or not is hard to say, since it does sound as though the game show has yet to really be developed.

It wouldn’t be the silliest game show to ever come along since there have been some that are flat-out nuts and have proven to be awkward enough that they didn’t last long. But something that’s physically challenging and also able to stimulate someone’s thought process is bound to be something that will hopefully last at least a season or more since it could be just as entertaining for the audience as it might be for the contestants. The challenges are bound to be just tough enough that the average individual couldn’t breeze through them, but the mental challenges, whatever those might be, could possibly be tougher than people might think. It’s going to be a lot of waiting to see what happens with this since it doesn’t sound like anything is up and running just yet, but it’s a big hope that this will be fun to watch.

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