50 Cent Has a Chance to Redeem That Horrible First Pitch from 2014

50 Cent Has a Chance to Redeem That Horrible First Pitch from 2014

There is no question that 2014 has a bad memory or two for well-known rapper 50 Cent. This is the year he was selected to throw out the first pitch at a Mets game. It was a moment that neither he, Mets players, fans and many others have forgotten — even four years later. In fact, it has gone down as being one of the absolute worst first ceremonial first pitches in history. The good news is, everyone deserves a second chance.

The Second Chance for 50 Cent

In a recent interview that the rapper did regarding his all new movie, “Den of Thieves,” the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, made some amazing statements about that infamous pitch that took place in Queens. In that interview he questioned who came up with the baseball cards featuring this disastrous pitch. He also stated there is no one worse than him when it comes to throwing out a first pitch. 50 Cent also admitted he was trying to be a bit too “fancy” while on the mound and tried to throw the ball much too hard, which is what resulted in the incident. However, he is also completely open to having the opportunity to try it one more time and there are a few teams that have recently reached out to him — with one of them being the team where the original pitch as thrown — the Mets.

The Twitter Offer

The Official New York Mets on Twitter reached out to 50 Cent asking if he was ready to redeem himself. They also invited him to come back and throw out the very first pitch for the season. At the end, they made the request “toss a strike this time.”

What Happened with that Infamous Pitch?

50 Cent was the honorary pitcher for the first throw during a Mets vs. Pirates game that occurred in 2014. Unfortunately, due to the “fancy” action he took, the pitch from the rapper sailed to the left, by approximately 15 feet away from the team’s catcher — Anthony Recker. Even worse, the ball almost struck one of the cameramen on the side of the field capturing this unforgettable moment. In fact, the pitch was so horrendous that Jon Niese and Rafael Montero could not contain how funny they thought the moment was as they walked off of the field. Not only is this a memorable moment, but to make matters worse, the video of this horrible pitch received more than 2.4 million views on YouTube.

Will He Seek Redemption?

The invitation is open and provides 50 Cent with the opportunity to redeem himself. Whether or not he is going to take this opportunity is yet to be seen. Hopefully if he does, he will keep things simple and just “toss a strike” as was requested of him on Twitter. Stay tuned — who knows if time will prove to redeem 50 Cent for this horrible first pitch made several years ago.What do you think? Will 50 Cent succeed this time?

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