5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Jenna Lyons

5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Jenna Lyons

Although a great deal of noise is made in the celebration or actor/actresses and music artist as far as celebrity fanfare is concerned, the truth is that there are a lot of ways to reach the status of celebrity without moving through Hollywood or the music industry. One well-traveled avenue is that of a fashion icon. Think about it Coco Channel, Gianni Versace, Ralph Lauren, and the likes, never appeared in one Movie, and yet they arguably just a famous as the movie stars who wore their designs. Think about it – during the red carpet encounter, every movie star and recording artist will be asked what they are wearing, and the will mention the name of some fashion icon that will woo the crowd.

Jenna Lyons is rapidly becoming one of those icons. When she invaded the J. Crew environment in 2012, she made her presence felt, and she has not looked back since. Following are five things you didn’t know about Jenna Lyons.

1. Lyons Suffers From Incontinentia Pigmenti

Even someone so beautiful with such as creative mind can have issues that are completely out of their control Incontinentia Pigmenti is a genetic condition that can produce a wide range of symptoms that include sporadic balding, scarring and conical teeth. This might be enough to stop the average person, but Jenna does not allow her condition to stop her from having an immensely powerful impact on the fashion world and beyond.

2. She is 6’5” in Heels

If you have never seen Jenna standing next to someone who provides an honest contrast, you probably are completely unaware of the fact that she stands an impressive 6’5” when wearing three-inch heels. At that height, Jenna stands taller than most female models that will be modeling her designs. She is actually beautiful enough to model her own designs, and absolutely no one would complain.

3. She Can Recall The First Issue of Vogue She Read

There are some stars who are very vague when attempting to recall where they found their inspiration to become who they are today. That is definitely not the case for Jenna Lyons, who can easily recall the very first issue of Vogue that she ever read. Without even batting an eyelid, she said her first issue was the one with Isabella Rossellini on the cover in September of 1982. This means that fashion has been in her DNA for quite some time.

4. Endorsed by the Coolest Girl in the School

As it turns out, Lyons’ fashion designs have been the in thing for quite some time. Who can remember wanted to be liked by the coolest girl or guy at the school. If you can get that person to co-sign you on any level, you are in for good. Well, when Jenna finished her first every design, Dana Peterson, the coolest girl at Jenna’s high school, said that she liked it, and the rest is literally history.

5. Lyons Accepted Her First Gig at J. Crew in 1990

There is something to be said for working in your passion. There is no substitute for it. It cannot be replaced by money, status or acclaim. To demonstrate the power of passion, Jenna Lyons accepted her first job at J. Crew in 1990, and she did so without knowing how much she would be earning in that position. The truth is that the passion took care of the lesser issue of compensation.

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