5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies
5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

credit: Jaws

When using animals in the movies, it’s been noted that real harm to animals is not only prohibited, it’s enough to get a project shut down. But over the years, more and more studios have been extremely careful of this as the animals that they’ve used to create one movie, or another have been carefully constructed models that are used for various shots or computer-generated images that have become increasingly realistic from one movie to another. The real danger posed by some of the animals that are depicted in various movies can’t be understated since, like it or not, there are plenty of people who take such movies to heart and think that the animals they see are real and need to be given a wide berth or should be destroyed in their entirety as they present a very real threat. The funny thing about this is that the levels of aggression that are seen in the movies, by make-believe monsters no less, are exceedingly low unless humans decide to antagonize said animals in their natural habitat. The movies are well-known for creating fictional scenarios, but sometimes they get it right, which is even more terrifying. 

Here are five of the deadliest animals in the movies. 

5. Pirhana-Pirhana 3DD

5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

credit: Piranha 3DD

Anything that’s classified as prehistoric tends to worry and amaze the audience quite often since it represents an unknown factor that makes people wonder if what they’re seeing could have been real at one time. But the piranha does get a bad reputation since they’ve been thought of as ravenous eating machines that can reduce a living creature to bones and gristle in a matter of minutes. It’s true that some piranhas are aggressive and can, when in a shoal AND in a frenzy, can do substantial damage to whatever they perceive as a threat. But unlike this movie, a shoal of prehistoric monster fish isn’t about to emerge from the bottom of a lake to terrorize a nearby waterpark. 

4. Spiders-Arachnophobia

5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

credit: Arachnophobia

Spiders tend to creep a lot of people out for many reasons, one of which is that they are kind of creepy, and they’re way too good at hiding. But unlike the nasty critters in this movie, most spiders are bound to be far more skittish and less likely to attack humans if this can be avoided. This movie definitely gave spiders a bad reputation for a while, which is unfortunate since spiders are quite useful most times since they tend to get rid of other bothersome insects. But the fear of what a spider’s bite can do and how they can appear from virtually nowhere is enough to scare the hell out of a lot of people, which is why they end up being perfect for horror movies. 

3. Bear-The Revenant

5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

credit: The Revenant

The scary part about The Revenant is that this is a documented attack that apparently happened, and the fact that there are documented bear attacks that have been noted over the years only makes this claim that much stronger. Bears are, in effect, kind of like giant land sharks, with the main difference being that, unlike a shark, a bear might need less of a reason to go racing after a human. Being too close to their cubs is one reason. Being downwind and perceived as a threat is another, and of course, being in the same place where bears are hunting could be a big mistake. But the fact that they’re essentially a freight train with fur, claws, and teeth that will roll right over a human being is scary enough. 

2. Shark-Jaws

5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

credit: Jaws

A lot of animals end up getting a bad reputation from the movies since people see what animals might be capable of and decide that the animals in the movie accurately represent animals in the real world. Yes, it’s a connection that most people wouldn’t make since they can tell the difference between a movie and real life. But the fact is that when one is on the open ocean, sharks do pose a threat if certain conditions are met. Most times, one might never see a shark if they’re on the water since believing it or not, sharks aren’t bound and determined to hunt down humans. But if one finds themself in a situation where sharks are present, it’s usually best to remember that they’re NOT out to get you. 

1. Lions-The Ghost and The Darkness

5 of the Deadliest Animals in Movies

credit: The Ghost and The Darkness

Lion attacks are not as common as one might think, even in Africa, according to statistical data. Plus, the lions seen in The Ghost and The Darkness were not accurate representations since the lions of Tsavo were in bad shape and were attacking humans for reasons other than pleasure. The story goes that the lions had nothing else to eat, as there had been a plague that affected the cattle. Once they started hunting humans, their taste changed just enough that they became a danger to human beings. In general, lions do not actively seek out humans on a regular basis. 

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