30 Rock 5.20 “100th Episode” Review

30 Rock 5.20 “100th Episode” ReviewYou know, if 30 Rock was ever made into a movie (fat chance), the plot and execution of “100th Episode” would serve as the basis.

On the verge of cancellation, the TGS staff scramble to save their jobs while a gas leak threatens their health, decision making skills and sanity.

This episode was 30 Rock done right. Part retrospective clip show and part new episode, “100th Episode” was the best-written and funniest episode of the season. At least since the manufactured disaster episode. Each cameo was spot on, especially Michael Keaton as the building’s handyman on his last day. He stole every scene in The Other Guys, so it’s only natural that he stole every scene in “100th Episode.”

In addition to the superb cameos (which also included Bono and Tom Hanks), Dean Winters returned as Liz’s ex-boyrfriend Dennis. Dennis has always been my favorite secondary character. You’d think people that oblivious and stupid only exist in comedies, but no. They exist. I’ve seen them first hand. That’s why Dennis is so funny.

I haven’t had a whole lot to say about 30 Rock this season, perhaps because there isn’t much to say. It’s certainly not as good as it used to be. I’d definitely take this over a lot of other network programming, especially The Paul Rieser— oh, it’s been canceled? What about Outsourced? Has that been canceled yet? No? I’d still take the worst episode of 30 Rock over the best episode of Outsourced.

The current sub plot that TGS may be canceled makes me wonder whether or not the next season of 30 Rock will be its last. To be completely honest, a defined end to the show would be much better than being kept alive way longer than it should (I’m looking at you, Simpsons). Regardless of its fate, 30 Rock needs to find material other than Liz’s sloppiness, Tracy and Jenna’s craziness and Jack being rich.

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