10 Things You Didn’t Know About SSSniperwolf

10 Things You Didn’t Know About SSSniperwolf

Alia Shelesh, AKA SSSniperwolf, disproves the widespread belief that playing video games for long periods of time every day is pointless. The skilled gamer has built an entire career around making and publishing videos of themselves playing video games online. SSSniperwolf has amassed over 32 million subscribers in the seven years since launching her YouTube channel. Plus, there have been more than 8.8 billion views on her channel. Her talent as a player is matched only by her fans’ adoration for her. Read on to learn ten lesser-known facts about Alia Shelesh, aka SSSniperwolf.

10. SSSniperWolf was destined to become a gamer

SSSniperwolf In Video

credit: YouTube

Several years ago, SSSniperWolf told TubeFilter that she and her brothers were raised in a “very strict” environment. She claimed, “We were not allowed to go to parties, school dances, or even field excursions.” She had nothing better to do, so she turned to video games and quickly became addicted. When she and her brother returned home from school, they would immediately head for the PlayStation and play until late at night. She quickly learned that having just as much fun spectating as participating in a game was possible. “Also, I spent a lot of time watching Call of Duty videos on YouTube before finally realizing, “Hey, I can do that too.” In response, I made my own channel on YouTube.”

9. Her first career choice was in the medical field

SSSniperwolf Cowgirl

credit: @sssniperwolf

SSSniperwolf didn’t set out to become a viral video sensation. She was planning to become a pharmacist and even graduated high school early to pursue that career path before discovering YouTube. She decided to switch to nursing as her major. We could not determine whether or not she graduated due to a lack of records.

8. However, She Was Afraid Of The Doctor

SSSniperwolf Smile

credit: YouTube

SSSniperWolf had a good cause for avoiding the doctor for so long, but few people can say the same. The YouTube star admitted in 2014 that she experienced a traumatic experience as a child involving a doctor. Since then, she has avoided medical attention, going ten years without seeing a doctor because of the incident. She finally came clean: “I am terrified of going to the doctor.” I haven’t been to the doctor in a long time, and I don’t think I ever will again because of the time when a doctor forced me to take off my clothing in front of my mother for no reason.

7. SSSniperwolf Is British

SSSniperWolf Wave

credit: @sssniperwolf

Most people probably don’t know that SSSniperwolf was born in England because she doesn’t have any trace of a British accent. She and her family spent a few formative years in Liverpool before moving over the Atlantic to the United States.

6. She Hated School

SSSniperwolf School

credit: @sssniperwolf

SSSniperWolf completed her senior year of high school a semester early and enrolled in studies at a nearby community college to explore her options. She expressed her displeasure with high school in a video posted in 2013, stating that she “hated it.” Among the reasons she gave was the rudeness of her teachers, the absence of friends, and the harassment she faced from male classmates. The future pharmacist-in-training eventually enrolled at a new university. She decided to change her major from chemistry to nursing because she was bored with the subject, and the prospect of being a pharmacist did not appeal to her. Despite having fulfilled all of the nursing program’s prereqs, she was still dissatisfied with her academic experience and opted to take a vacation. The YouTuber has toyed with the idea of returning to school, but for another major: She hinted on Twitter in 2015 that she was thinking about attending Full Sail University in Florida for a degree in game design because of the school’s focus on the creative industries.

5. The Great Outdoors Is Her Happy Place

SSSniperwolf Pool

credit: @sssniperwolf

Since SSSniperwolf is well-known for gaming, most people likely believe she spends much of her time indoors with her nose pressed against a screen. She takes every opportunity to be in nature, where she can go swimming or on a hike.

4. What SS Means

SSSniperwolf Workout

credit: YouTube

Likely, most people won’t even notice the extra SS at the beginning of SSSniperwolf’s name. Even though SSSniperwolf has hinted that the letters are meaningless, they aren’t there just for show. Her user name is a play on the words “sexy” and “SexySexy,” the first two letters make up her username. She first appeared on YouTube as “SexySexySniper.”

3. What SSSniperWolf Would Be Doing If She Didn’t Enter The Gaming Industry

SSSniperwolf Fortnite Zoey Cosplay

credit: @sssniperwolf

SSSniperwolf’s interests extend beyond video games; she is also a huge fashionista who finds great joy in expressing herself via her wardrobe. She told Vogue that if she weren’t a gamer, she’d be working in the fashion sector. I enjoy getting dressed up,” she continued. I never miss a runway show. Saint Laurent has my undivided attention at the moment. Just being around Vaccarello makes a woman feel confident and attractive. Saint Laurent makes me feel like a badass.

2. Her Early Cosplays

SSSniperwolf YuGiOh Cosplay

credit: @sssniperwolf

While it’s common knowledge that SSSniperWolf is a great cosplayer, fewer people know that she was also a “huge manga nerd” in her youth. “I used to collect manga — you know, graphic novels, Japanese comics,” she revealed in a 2014 video. “Saiyuki, One Piece, Naruto, and Inuyasha used to consume my every waking moment. Some of my favorite quotes are those.” She had an early affinity for anime and, like most Americans, had seen the phenomenon of Dragon Ball Z. Her mother helped her create a Bulma costume from Dragon Ball Z for Halloween when she was little. She later told Vogue (in the year 2020) about her first foray into cosplay. Nobody knew I was when I went door to door asking for candy.

1. SSSniperWolf’s Dream Collaborator

Keanu Reeves E3 Cyberpunk 2077

credit: E3

Everyone has that one person they’d love to collaborate with someday, and SSSniperwolf’s fans might be startled to learn that it’s not a gamer. SSSniperwolf mentioned her desire to work with Keanu Reeves during a Q&A with Renowned Birthdays.


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