YouTube Video Causes Sushi Restaurant Chain To Ban Photography

YouTube Video Causes Sushi Restaurant Chain To Ban Photography

While it doesn’t seem like there was any problem with sticking a GoPro camera on the sushi conveyor belt this particular chain has used the incident to ban any kind of photography from being used ever again. They even considered taking legal action against the owner of the camera since no consent was ever given to use their conveyor belt in this manner and the privacy of their guests seemed to have been invaded. If you watch the clip below you’ll see that no one really minded, but there are concerns that some people would have been offended and even unnerved by seeing a camera filming them as it made its trundling way by on the line.

There’s a good point there actually since a sushi restaurant is a place of business and unless there’s consent a person with a camera could be copying images or attempting sabotage for all that’s known of the person’s intent. While it seemed kind of obvious that there was no ill intent to this video it still goes against most company policies to allow any kind of filming within an establishment unless permission is given. While it might seem to be generalizing this is the kind of thing that people seem to be missing the point on when it comes to doing as they want wherever they want. There are limits to what a person can do with their property and where they can use it. In regards to this you don’t walk into someone’s place of business and start running a camera that has no real business being there in the first place. It’s not just rude, it can be illegal since it could give away secrets and trademarks that the restaurant is attempting to keep close to the vest. After all the GoPro was picking up just about everything that was in its scope, so nothing really got missed unless it was behind cover.

Again there was no real malicious intent here but it was a bit audacious for the owner of the GoPro to put a camera on a piece of machinery that was designed to convey food to the customers, not put them on the spot as the camera rolls around the belt. In truth it’s lucky for the guy that no one decided to grab the camera and run. But placing it on the belt was his first mistake, assuming that the business wouldn’t care if he didn’t ask permission was the second. It might have seemed like an interesting thing to do and the reaction the establishment’s owners might have been a little over the top, but if you’ve ever run a business or worked in one that serves food or is very interested in acting professional in any way then it should be easy to understand why this is not okay. He might not have meant any harm by it but his thinking wasn’t entirely sound at this moment.

It’s a business, and unless he had permission and was making a documentary of sorts then he had no right to record anything within that business.


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