10 Things You Didn’t Know about Win The Wilderness

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Win The Wilderness

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Win The Wilderness

Competition shows will never get old, and that’s largely because production companies keep finding new and exciting things for people to compete over. The 2020 series, Win the Wilderness, was a great example of that. During the show, six British couples went through a series of challenges in hopes of winning a large homestead in Alaska. Instead of a traditional panel of judges, the contestants were tasked with impressing Duane Ose and his wife, Rena, who had owned the Alaskan homestead since the 1980s. Although the premise of the show may have seemed a little strange, it quickly became a hit in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Win the Wilderness.

1. The Series Was Supposed To Be Filmed In The Winter

When most people think of Alaska, snow-covered winters are the first thing that comes to mind. That being said, producers initially had the idea of filming the series during winter. However, the harsh winter conditions proved to be too difficult and it was decided that spring made for more favorable filming conditions.

2. The Series Also Airs On The BBC

American viewers are familiar with Win the Wilderness as a Netflix series, but that isn’t the only platform it airs on. In the United Kingdom, the show is broadcast on BBC Two under the title Win the Wilderness: Alaska. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became increasingly common for shows to be shared between countries.

3. The Lodge Can Only Be Accessed By A Plane

In general, Alaska is a rather remote place, but Ose Mountain takes the phrase ‘the middle of nowhere’ to a whole new level. The property is situated around 100 miles from any roads, meaning that it can only be reached by airplane. Of course, the property’s secluded location only contributed to the intensity of the series.

4. The Season One Winners Didn’t Get The Happy Ending They Were Hoping For

The grand prize for Win the Wilderness was supposed to be Ose Mountain and the homestead that was built on it. After filming, winners Mark and Emily signed the deed to the property and were all set to take over. However, Duane Ose decided that he didn’t want to give the homestead up and attempted to deny Mark and Emily their rightful prize. It’s unclear whether the issue has been fully resolved, but since Mark and Emily have signed the papers, they are legally the new owners of Ose Mountain.

5. Season One Contestants Were Cast Through A Message Board Post

If you’ve ever wondered how the contestants for Win the Wilderness were chosen, the answer is much less glamorous than you might have imagined. Apparently, the casting team put a posting on a British message board called Farming Forum to attract people who may be interested.

6. There Probably Won’t Be A Season Two

Since season one ended, there have been many viewers eagerly awaiting a second season. At present, there has been no official announcement regarding the show’s return, and it appears unlikely that it will. After all, they would have to locate a new competition and prize, which could be more trouble than it’s worth, considering the issues they had with the prize after season one.

7. Duane Ose Has A Bullet In His Head

Fans of Win the Wilderness have undoubtedly noticed that Duane Ose sports an eye patch over his left eye, but the reason behind it was never mentioned in the series. According to The Indie Projects, “Duane was shot at close range by his ex-wife in the eye, and the bullet is still in his head.”

8. Rena Ose Passed Away

Not long after the Win the Wilderness aired, Rena Ose passed away at 88 years old due to complications from a heart procedure. As per Rena’s wishes, she did not have any funeral services. It may have been Rena’s passing that spurred Duane to want to preserve Ose Mountain.

9. The Ose Homestead Doesn’t Have Electricity

In addition to being in the middle of nowhere, Ose Mountain is also completely off the grid. The Indie Projects reported that power comes from solar and “truck batteries”, heat from wood, and drinking water is collected from snow in the winter or dripping off the roof during the summer.

10. All Of The Couples Had To Be Issued A United States Visa

There are lots of people who may have been curious as to why a show set in Alaska only cast contestants from England. The answer is actually pretty simple: Win the Wilderness was created by a British production company. As a result, all of the contestants had to be issued a Visa so that they could film in the United States.

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